2nd annual Cody Barrasse 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

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Committee members gather one final time to put the finishing touches on the 2nd annual Cody Barrasse 3 on 3 basketball tournament.

"He was a big time pick-up basketball player. He had a mean left hook. No one really knows that. He loved it, and I think he would be happy that we we're doing this," said Robert Evans.

Cody died in April of 2013 in a hit and run accident near Pittsburgh. He was only 22 and finishing up his senior year at Penn State.

"In the last year we've just been on people reminding them that this wasn't just a one time thing. Last year we had the tournament 3 months after Cody passed so we didn't want people to make the mistake thinking that it was a one time memorial tournament. We wanted to do this every year and fuel the scholarships we have in his name at Prep," said Chris Quinn

Kim Kaville from Old Forge played in the tournament last year. Along with her new teammates Cassie Erdmann and Jessica Segilia they're looking forward to the competition again.

"It was great to see everyone there like his mom, his dad, and his brother and everyone in the gym knew him so it was cool to be playing against his friends and just watching everyone just do it for him," said Kim Kaville

"It gave us an opportunity to play together as a team. We're always against each other growing up so it gave us that opportunity as well as to play for a good cause and play against some other girl's that we grew up playing against," said Jessica Segilia

And just like last year this area behind Scranton Prep will be filled with basketball players some 76 teams showed up to play inside the Xavier Center and out here on the asphalt 8 games going at one time they raised over $20,000 dollars between entry fees and sponsorships and they have a welcome addition this year joining the cause is PJ Carlesimo former Scranton Prep graduate and NBA analyst and NBA head coach.

"When Prep came to us and asked if there was something that we wanted to do to memorialize him we thought that would be the perfect way and it's just an honor to be part of something that has Cody's name attached to it, and it was just great to see everyone here last year and all the support that it gets," again said Chris.

Two scholarships in Cody  Barrasse's name have already been given out.

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  • Dave Webber

    funny how everyone jumps to honor this kid. He was rich and entitled, and chose to live his life that way….any person’s death is terrible, but in this case this person was not a saint and I believe that. He was drunk and jumping on the BMW that hit him, not exactly a hit and run, more like someone fleeing from being accosted by an inebriated college student

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