Two Pistol-Whipped in Home Invasion

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VILLAGE OF ESPY — A home invasion turned into a pistol-whipping in Columbia County.

Police said five men forced their way into a home, in the Village of Espy, early Thursday morning and pistol-whipped two people inside near Bloomsburg.

According to investigators, the intruders got into the home along Second Street by pushing in a window air conditioner.

Officials said a fight broke out and the men attacked the two people inside, then ran off on foot but left the pistol behind.

Police hope that the gun will help them find the intruders.

Officers believe Thursday morning’s home invasion was an isolated incident in Columbia County.


  • Keith Hinkel

    It is only gonna get worse until America gets jobs and the imports stop. Answer now is install wire all about property, install a 30,000 volt neon transformer, place danger signs and turn on the electricity.

  • Bryan

    Hey Dr. Jones! Have you ever heard of a place called Switzerland? Can you tell me why it’s the safest country in the world when it comes to crime? It’s because EVERYONE owns a gun. Think about it “Doctor.” Who would rob a house, a store or bank if they know for a fact, everyone in the structure is carrying a weapon? Silly “Doctor.”

    • Gregory Markle

      Because laws would stop criminals such as the attackers from obtaining them, apparently by the same methods that failed to prevent the residents attacked from obtaining the heroin and marijuana the assailants were there to steal.

    • Joe Schmoe

      Hey moron, were not talking about gun violence. We’re talking about 5 P.O.S. thugs breaking into a home and the homeowners ability to defend themselves. Silly hippy liberal.

  • jake

    Pretty soon we’ll all have bars on our doors and windows due to the morality of this country going down. Thanks to democrats being elected and constantly pushing anti-religious agenda. No morals and heavy spending and illegals pouring in. Thank you Obama voters for voting for a no-resume big talker. If you voted for Obama, don’t vote anymore ok.

    • MWM

      Agreed and then some, but an alarm system and a dog would be a plus to get ready to lock-n-load against 5 of them! Good Lord how frightening for these people! Hope they catch these losers and fast!

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