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Trucker Dead After Three Rigs Collide

SCOTT TOWNSHIP — Three tractor trailers were involved in a crash today on Interstate 80 in the Bloomsburg area. One of the drivers was killed.

Investigators believe the driver of this tractor-trailer did not stop in time, and smashed into the UPS freight truck in front of him, causing a domino effect involving three trucks near Bloomsburg. The 48-year-old man from Missouri who was driving this truck died at the scene.

One of the truck drivers involved in the crash says traffic was stopped late this morning at the light street exit as drivers were merging into the right lane because of nearby construction.

“Heard a bang and felt a bump and looked in the mirror and there was a trailer in the grass with no cab and a jack-knifed ups tractor behind me,” Joseph Eitel said.

State police closed one lane of Interstate 80, and the exit ramp, which caused major traffic delays for most of the day.

“Well we were there for two hours. We were on our way to a doctor’s appointment in Danville,” Harold Flood said.

One of the tractor trailers involved in the crash was a UPS freight truck. A representative for UPS says the merchandise will be inspected and delivered to their destinations. The driver of that UPS truck was taken to the hospital, treated and released. The other driver involved in the crash was not hurt.

“It pushed in the bumper of my trailer about a foot, but on an 80,000 pound truck, you don’t really feel that,” Eitel said.

The crash has some drivers feeling nervous about sharing the roads with tractor trailers.

“Terrifying. It’s awful. There’s always construction around here, too so I avoid the interstate to be honest with you. The tractor trailers, they’re terrifying. I get a lot of anxiety driving on the interstate,” Jess Kinn said.

“I think tractor trailers oughta have their own road,” Flood said.

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Troopers are investigating how the crash happened.


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