Sullivan County Sheriff Resigning

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SULLIVAN COUNTY — The sheriff of Sullivan County is stepping down.

In a letter written to the citizens of Sullivan County and mailed to Newswatch 16, Bryan Brady announced he is resigning effective Friday.

In his letter, Brady lists about 20 complaints, and accuses commissioners of making “dangerous decisions” that put the people of the county at risk.

Brady was elected sheriff in 2011, so he has about 18 months left in his term.

Sullivan County Commissioners said they will not be available to comment on the letter of resignation until Monday.


  • Get A Grip

    Hahaha ..just as I expected. The letter was a bunch of nonsense !! Move on now … He did ..right outta the county !! Thats why he had to resign .

    • Jill

      If you read the letter, you realize how big a fit he was throwing and lining up the commissioners for backlash. They probably should have made a statement, but that is their business. Now if you have PROOF there is corruption in the courthouse, lets hear it. But enough nonsense. People sometimes quit because they are spoiled rotten and can’t handle hearing the word “no”.

  • LEO

    “they are NOT trained like police” Mr. Morgansten you are incorrect regarding the training. You should compare the Act 2 and Act 120 training its the same, except deputies get additional hours for civil process. They have to attend mandatory training just like police. For not being law enforcement, they have to attend a law enforcement academy. You are correct regarding the difference in law. Commonlaw and statues conflict at times. The PA Supreme Court have ruled in several cases they are law enforcement, yet in the wiretapping case ruled against them. Maybe due to deputies not being included in the statue, maybe not. You mention VanKuren and Burgert, do you realize the were attempting to serve a FTA warrant??? Those two individuals were attempting to take a fugitive in, and you belittle the loss of their lives. 2011 a Berks County deputy lost his life while working with a fugitive task force (made up of deputies, cops, troopers), but I can only assume you would consider his the loss of his life meaningless. Do you realize that in some parts of PA deputies preform car stops, respond to bomb threats, work fugitive units with local, state, and feds. Politics is the problem, the role of the Sheriff is determined by the politics in that county. Do you realize that deputies can take that non police certificate from PA that you stated, apply to other states and be granted law enforcement equivalency. From my understanding only NJ and CA will not accept the training, but those states also will not recognize Act 120 or PA trooper training. Its clear you have issues with Bradford maybe you should file a complaint, especially if they have violated the law. Contact the DA’s office. The issue is politics and its time to end it, the people deserve the additional protect.

  • JaneDoe

    The citizens got a lot more from the Sheriff’s Office when Burt Adams was in office, and Commissioners Arthur, Reibson and Gavitt were in office. They listened to the citizens, they served the citizens. They did what was right for Sullivan County. They could take constructive criticism, and they were more involved in the community. Now, the only time you see the commissioners out and about, is if a dinner is involved, or a picture in the paper. The paper that won’t print anything bad about Bortz, Getz or Norton, censoring the opinions of the very citizens who put them in office. The roof and sidewalk for the court house, combined, cost more than the 1993 addition did. Under Sheriff Adams, if there were an emergency, and the State Police could not respond, the Sullivan Co. Sheriff was monitoring and would respond. Under Brady, no, there was never any assistance. None. They weren’t allowed by the Commissioners to assist. That puts the lives of responders in jeopardy, and prolongs the suffering of the person that is in a violent situation. Recently, the commissioners spent 13,500.00 to have stone put in a hole under a side walk replacement. They’re throwing money around like it’s growing on a tree out front, and taking money from services that do more for the citizens than they ever will. Never in the history of Sullivan County, have more elected or commissioner appointed officials resigned, than under Getz, Bortz and Norton. Nor have as many controversial issues arisen and been improperly and questionably dealt with. Children and Youth workers failed to report child endangerment issues, and weren’t let go. The Emergency Services Director resigned, The Library Director resigned, the prothonotary resigned, the sheriff resigned; positions were vacated and filled with no advertisement. Friends and relatives filled positions. The Emergency services building sat in near ruins for months, with the county’s Emergency Operations Center in shambles because the county didn’t want to hire a contractor to fix it. The commissioners have discovered that they can do ANYTHING THEY PLEASE – And if someone questions it, they don’t have to answer for it. They go closed door on meetings, they won’t directly answer questions in commissioners meetings, they get away with stuff, and then beg for reelection, and the ppl who don’t know they’re doing wrong – or don’t care – vote them back in. It’s hard to tell the people of Sullivan County that there’s something wrong, with the Sullivan Review newspaper won’t print anything that casts a negative image upon the county. This isn’t Pleasantville the movie, we have corrupt politicians like everywhere else, but we can’t do anything about it, because it only benefits the people who are able to keep a lid on it.

  • hardworking tax paying citizen

    well it is tuesday and still no follow up story about the sherrif and his letter. the Tax paying citizens of sullivan county deserve the truth!!! by the way we are the ones who pay your salaries in the courthouse. hope wnep was able to contact the commissioners by now, they have had enough time to get thier stories straight, just like the three little monkeys, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

    finish the story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Monday is here and No Letter No Followup by WNEP

    You should be ashamed of not following up on possible inappropriate actions of elected officials. No wonder corruption ran rapid in other central Pennsylvania counties until federal authorities stepped in. Well I guess we can find solace in your report that the Planters Peanut Mobile was in the area. So sad WNEP.

    • Get a Grip !!

      I guess it is all a conspiracy !! The commissioners and WNEP are all out to get us !! Get a grip .. did you ever stop to think our sheriff was just running his mouth …trying to get the attention off him leaving and blame someone else for it. Many that know him and lived around him know what kind of person he is / was.. STUCK ON HIMSELF !!
      I really doubt we are all in danger .. if us knowing was that important..why did he not go to the Daily Review or the Sun Gazette as well ???
      WNEP is not about to release a bogus story if no proof of his claims were found .. if that be the case .. we could all report whatever we wanted.
      I think maybe you should find something better to do with your time ..maybe attend a commissioners meeting rather than waiting on ” Hear say from a quiter !! “

      • Tim

        He fits in so well over in Lopez. Everyone has their nose in everyone elses business, and thinks the world revolves around them. Must be something in the water.

      • Concerned Citizen

        I disagree with your comment that he is stuck on himself. I think he is an honest person with the best intentions. Why don’t you ask the commissioners why they haven’t responded?

      • JaneDoe

        Why don’t you try to ask them. THEY WON’T ACKNOWLEDGE THE LETTER. This will get covered up like everything else. Half the county won’t even know, because the local paper won’t cover it. Nobody is saying anything, Sullivan Co. is very similar to the USSR. You have no Freedom of Speech or Freedom to Question your elected officials. Try pulling a Freedom of Information Law stunt, they’ll shut you right down and turn it around on you. People clearly are not seeing the big picture here. Those three commissioners need to out of office, by act of impeachment, or Sullivan County will be flat out broke, crying for money.

  • Sullivan County concerned citizen

    I am so sorry to hear that we have lost a conscientious and qualified man and it is Sullivan County’s loss. What else will be lost to the decisions of the County Commissioners? Pretty interesting that we are unable to actually read the letter sent to the news station so we can judge for ourselves and form our own opinion of what is going on in Sullivan County!

    • Jan from Piatt

      He was a pompous stuffed shirt flatlander opportunist who took advantage of the aging sheriff and hoodwinked the local “uneducated rednecks” into voting for him, and then turned his back on them. I celebrate his departure and wish best of luck to whomever is stuck cleaning up his mess.

  • Concerned Citizen

    There is an enormous amonut of money being spent to renovate the Sullivan County Courthouse. Is it all necessary? Did we need new carpet in the Court room when there was nothing wrong with the old? Who is overseeing the expenses for all these updates? These are tax payer dollars, I would like to know.

    • Disappointed Voter

      That is the second “new roof” in the current commissioners reign of terror. The original was slate, they shingled it, then slated it again.. And now they’re replacing the building’s approach because the old one was cracked! Seriously? They couldn’t just patch it?

  • tracy rider

    it is about time some light has been brought to this little corrupt county. we elected and honest man to do a job and he has resigned because of the corruption. i used to work at teh court house in laporte and there are alot of corrupt things going on and when uou try to fix them or do something, watch out, they have friends.
    if you want to know the truth about this corrupt county give me the microphone for a few minutes.
    i think we should reinstate sheriff brady and get rid of the comissioners!

    • FreedomofSpeech

      I think we need to get rid of Bob Getz and Wylie Norton. Betty was another sweep it under the rug commissioner, but I like Darla Bortz. I applied for a county job, in the courthouse. I was one of three people interviewed. The deadline for interviews was 2pm of that day. I knew both of the other people, we sat outside the office talking. None of us were hired. They appointed to job to a former courthouse staff member, who had a personal loss, to keep her busy. This was done a week after the interviews. This is favoritism. Hey, I can get you a job, I work in the courthouse, I’m good friends with the commissioners. No thanks, my qualifications and experience speak for themselves. I guess not, because every time someone is hired, they lack the qualifications, and fail to obtain them. In fact, electing Bob Getz because he handled a lot of money for the state doesn’t seem like such a good idea now either, no does it? That’s all I heard when he ran, he wrote big checks, he’s good with money. Yeah, spending it.

      • Bout time ..

        Darla , is that you ?? Sorry ..she needs to go as well..thinks because she is commissioner she can slide her nose in everyone’s business !! Reality check time
        Also as for Brady .. He is all about DRAMA !! walk around elsewhere with your nose in the air .. Joined every imaginable group , church and organization to get yourself elected only to turn your back on those same voters that put you into office. You say ” I just don’t have the time ” …funny , Sheriff Adams always had the time for the residence of this county.
        GOOD RIDDANCE !!

      • Concerned Citizen

        Commissioners trying to cut programs at the Library that they don’t even fund. I guess they need to more for their Court House renovation. They don’t even know what programs they fund?? Incompetance.

  • Deliver the Letter

    WNEP has reported to have in their possession a letter from elected official addressed to the residents of Sullivan County. If they neglect to deliver the message without being biased they will have failed in their responsibility to deliver.

    • Masten

      Funny, this guy has done nothing but fight with the commissioners, run off most of his staff and then walk away. Doesn’t sound like a professional to me.

  • SulCo Resident

    He didn’t “ruin the local kids chances”. The voters did by voting against him.

    NO ONE wanted the “local kid”.

    The “local kid” is inept, unqualified, and would have made a lousy sheriff.

    • Ganoga Beach Bum

      Funny he only won by a few hundred votes, and lost the town he lives in.
      The man is a 30 year lawman and military veteran, and cant slug it out with 3 Sullivan County Commissioners ? Come on, there’s more going on here than any of you realize. This guy is grandstanding for something bigger. Watch and see.

      • Disappointed Voter

        During high school sporting events, he and his deputies were very over the line. In person, he’s not too friendly. When he was running for sheriff, I tried to strike up a conversation with him, and he wouldn’t speak to me. He doesn’t wave, he’s very quiet and not too friendly. I respect him for his duties and serving the country, but that’s about all. I didn’t know of him prior to election. I’d say that in uniform, he’s slightly arrogant, you know, like Bob Getz and Wylie Norton are. A “I’m in office and there’s nothing you can do” attitude.

      • Where is it?

        He only won by a few hundred votes due to the fact there are only approximately 6,000 registered voters in Sullivan County. Also, just because a person is registered to vote doesn’t mean they actually vote. Now…Where is the letter?

  • Disgruntled Voter

    Isn’t this the dude from Philly who bought a place up there and ruined the local kids chance to be sheriff?

    • Concerned Citizen

      Sheriff Brady has been coming to this area since he was a child. He is very qualified for the job. He was a police officer and an retired Iraqi veteran. He is a “By the book” kind of guy and seems genuinely concerned for the residents of Sullivan County. If he says there are problems, then we should take it seriously.

      • Native_SC_Voter

        There are plenty of qualified locals. Locals that do more for this area than the citizens care to realize. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The Freedoms we have allow us to speak out against an elected official w/o being forced to shut up. This doesn’t seem to be the case in Sullivan County. I’m not afraid to question an elected official, and because of that, I’ve been personally affected. Nobody questions the Commissioners. Look at the money spent on the courthouse roof and sidewalk. They’re spending money like they’re in no danger of running out, and then preventing essential county agencies from spending money that could improve the safety of the citizens. Then you have the FOIL. Freedom of Information Law. I work, I pay taxes. I vote. I do my civic duty. I serve the citizens as a volunteer emergency responder. I expect my elected officials to do what’s right. There should be a treasurers report in the paper every time the commissioners meeting is reported on. You want a copy of that? Fill out a FOIL form. Take it to the courthouse to have it notarized. They won’t do it. Mail them the form. They’ll throw it away. Take it to them in person. Their secretary won’t let you speak to them. Try to get a job in the courthouse. The hire friends, family, appoint people who work in there already. They hire people who lack the qualifications, give them 1 year to get the quals; then when they don’t, nobody acts. You question what they do or don’t do – one time, and you’re screwed till those commissioners get out of office.

      • Mr Morgansten

        what does it matter if he WAS a police officer. He isn’t now. PA sheriff’s and deputies want you the citizen to believe they are protecting you, how? They go home at 5 oclok until Monday. What?? They do not respond to emergencies unless requested by (in this case)by PSP. All this protect us bull crap is what they sell. Bradford County is the same way. Most of the deputies hired there either were let go by police departments, aren’t smart enough to pass a real poice exam, (they don’t take one, or aility test, or much of a background check) no psych test like police, and unless you ask them, they are NOT trained like police, especially in the area of police work/investigations. You know what, they can’t INVESTIGATE crimes. Some are plain wingnuts. I realize the same term sometimes fits police, I know. PSP will no allow them to use their training. Know why?? It’s for POLICE, which the PA legislature says hey are not. Talk to you local deputy, he will tout themselves as Law enforcement BTW, this too does not apply to Sheriff or deputies, they are not recognized as such. I know they serve warrants, usually POLICE WARRANTS unless it’s a bench warrant, 95% of which are COLLECTIONS warrants. Bradford County lost two fine deputies years ago doing something they were not supposed to be doing, INVESTIGATING dope, although they had a “warrant”. Sad. Thankfully, again unless you ask of them, they are “JUST LIKE POLICE”. Maybe ask the police. One at the courthouse in Bradford likes to openly challenge people, to a fight, and calls himself the law. Theres a reason (besides the huge pay diiference) they end up deputies.

      • Lifelong resident.

        Amen! Everyone has that right to stand up to what they believe in rather right or wrong. Don’t judge until you walk in a that person’s shoes for a mile, Then form your opinions. Good for him for standing for what he believes in.

  • Reuben

    That’s the problem with this news station, they’re so half-assed with reporting all the facts.

  • WildBill

    If the man sent you a letter, why didn’t you print it or at least list the decisions that are putting people at risk?

  • Mimi

    Sooooo… I guess we will continue to remain at risk until Monday. I would have preferred to find out I was at risk ON Monday, when I could be informed of how.

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