Scranton Real Estate Owner Appointed To City Council

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SCRANTON -- The city of Scranton now has a full council as the fifth member was selected Thursday night.

Council voted to appoint Scranton businessman Wayne Evans to fill the seat vacated by Jack Loscombe earlier this month.

Wayne Evans will soon be the fifth member of Scranton City Council.

He sat down with Newswatch 16 at his real estate office on Pittston Avenue shortly after hearing the news he was chosen to fill the open seat.

“I have a background, I think, that lends itself well to hit the ground running so I`m excited,” said Evans.

Evans is scheduled to be sworn in before council`s next meeting on July 31st to  take the seat vacated by Jack Loscombe.

Loscombe resigned earlier this month for financial reasons.

Evans said he hopes to bring his experience as a businessman and a community volunteer to the table.

“I’m involved in the Elm Street program in South Side which is right down the street, we`re doing some great work there,” said Evans. “I used to be the president of the South Scranton Residents Association so I've been involved at the neighborhood level, Metro Action with the Chamber, Scranton Tomorrow.”

But Evans' first vote as a member of council might be a tough one.

He might help decide if a commuter tax should be imposed on non-residents who work in the city.

That tax, known as Act 205, is expected to raise about $5 million a year and would go solely to pay for the city`s distressed pension funds.

“It`s laser focused on helping out the pension fund and that`s very important, that`s probably one of the biggest problems the city has on the financial side, I've never been sold on a commuter tax but it might be a little different take this time,” said Evans.

Evans is expected to serve out the remainder of Loscombe`s term, which ends in December of 2015.

He said he has no plans to run for a council seat after that.

“The next 18 months are critical, I really don`t want to be focused on a campaign, I don`t want to be involved in that side of it, I want to be involved in trying to help the city,” said Evans.

If the commuter tax is imposed next week an average non-resident making $50,000 would pay about $375 a year in Scranton.


  • SteveL

    This tax is a total waste of time and money. The union hacks should be forced to end their pension retirement system. It is a system set up to fail at some point in the future and has been completely replaced in the private sector by defined contribution plans like IRAs and 401K for good reason. You just can’t keep beating on the taxpayers. Life is full of tough choices and it appears the only choice Scranton has is bankruptcy if the unions can’t stop their pig-headed assault on the working man

  • dr jones

    This tax is a great idea! Another good idea, give the finger to any new business considering locating in Scranton.

  • Sassy

    Over the years, I have watched Scranton decline financially and its sad. It’s a nice city that needs to have something more to offer to get people back there, working, living, shopping. That said, your commuter tax is a bad idea. It will only drive away businesses and employees, which will only push the city into further decline. I don’t have an answer as to what can be done to save this city. I wish I did, but more taxes are not the answer.

  • Name (required)

    Why can’t the people of Scranton elect someone? don’t they have time for elections.

    • Joe Schmoe

      Election is probably only for election time. If someone steps down during term, council probably has right to appoint. Also regarding that tax. Taxes are supposed to be levied when services are performed? What service is being performed by the council and why is this tax selective/discriminatory against commuters? Sounds more like clever wording to me, to get the local citizens behind it by making outsiders pay. Isn’t that a taxation without representation situation? Outsiders paying taxes to a city to whom they have no control over the elections? Pay attention folks. Devils helpers

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