Residents Urge Drivers to Slow Down

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WILKES-BARRE -- While the speed limit is going up on several highways in our area, residents of one neighborhood in Wilkes-Barre are pleading with drivers to slow down.

On Thursday, they went to city hall and demanded results.

A small group of women have a big mission.

Armed with a folder filled with pictures and petitions, they asked city officials for a three-way stop sign at a busy intersection along South Main Street in Wilkes-Barre.

"That street has always been horrific. Now, its terrifying. People do not slow down," said Mary Alice Erickson of Wilkes-Barre.

Erickson said her family and around 60 of their neighbors signed the petition asking Wilkes-Barre's traffic committee to take a closer look at the intersection of South Main and Andover Streets.

"Safety of my family and the kids. Something needs to be done," added Erickson.

Residents said the trouble spot along South Main Street is more than a mile long through a residential area where there are no stop signs.

"I just got the call, its ready today for me to pick it up. Its 7,800 dollars in damage," said Georgeann Smith.

Smith is finally getting her SUV back from the repair shop after it was hit along South Main Street.

Two weeks ago, a car lost control and not only slammed into her SUV but also the front porch of her house.

Smith said that was the second time her SUV was damaged by a hit-and-run driver while it was parked along South Main Street.

She and her neighbors are fed up. So, she asked city officials to do something and for drivers to stop speeding.

"Please slow down," Smith urged. "Have a little consideration for the residents who live in the area."

The city police chief said he'll increase patrols to crackdown on speeding and the traffic committee said it will inspect the intersection next week to see what can make South Main Street safer.


  • Keith Hinkel

    The only answer is CAMERAS connected to COMPUTERS. Tickets issued immediately with pictures and very high fines. This is done in many other countries. Why not here?

  • jcwconsult

    Everyone interested in this or other locations needs to remember three rules for speed limits and actual speeds.
    1) Posted limits have almost no effect on actual traffic speeds. 2) See rule #1. 3) See rule #2.
    James C. Walker, Life Member – National Motorists Association

  • jcwconsult

    Using stop signs to control speed is a violation of traffic safety engineering principles. There are VERY specific rules called Warrants that must be met before a stop sign can be used.

    James C. Walker, Life Member – National Motorists Association

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