Lightning Hits Home, Boy in Hospital

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LANSFORD -- Lightning struck a house in Carbon County Wednesday afternoon, damaging the home and sending a boy to the hospital.

Two children were right near where the lightning bolt hit, and it caused quite a scare.

A pile of bricks was left on the ground after the lightning strike blew apart the top of the chimney on the house in Lansford, and really shook up the people who were at home when it hit.

"All the years I've seen lightning and thunder, I've never witnessed something like that," said Margie Karnish of Lansford.

Karnish and her husband now have a mess to clean up. She was in her bedroom when the lightning struck.

"When it hit it actually knocked me sideways, the pressure was so bad," said Karnish.

The Karnish's great grandchildren were right nearby when it happened. A 14-year-old girl was on the porch, and a 12-year-old boy was in the driveway.

"Well before you know it, it hit the chimney and she came in the house screaming and screaming. There's a fire in our chimney, a fire in our chimney!" said Karnish.

Firefighters came and found the debris, but no fire.

They also found the 12 year old physically feeling the affects of the strike and took him to the hospital.

"He just felt like there was something going through his body, electricity or something going through his body," said Karnish.

He was okay and back at the house Wednesday night, and the kids said goodbye to great grandma and grandpa before returning to Texas today, after quite an ending to their visit.

"It was just something I don't ever want to hear again. I don't ever want to see again. It was horrible!" explained Karnish.

The storms that swept through Carbon County also brought down some trees.

Newswatch 16 found large trees that toppled along route 209 in Nesquehoning.

One of them is a big pine tree leaning right on a house.

Branches also fell around some homes.