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How to Avoid Falling Victim to Contractors

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP — The Attorney General’s office accused contractors of not completing the jobs they were paid to do and not properly registering their companies.

On Thursday, Newswatch 16 spoke to people about how you can better protect yourself when dealing with contractors because more contractors are turning up in the news, accused of theft and incomplete work.

Now the Attorney General’s office announced it’s taking legal action against eight contractors across Pennsylvania for violating state regulations, not completing paid-for work and not registering their companies with the state.

Four of these contractors are from our area and five of the eight contractors are already paying back what they owe.

Newswatch 16 found one of the contractors Daniel Osko at his home in Ashley and off-camera he said that he made his first payment last month.

Another contractor John Croughin, of East Stroudsburg, owes more than $80,000, half to the state and half to his 16 victims.

“Some guy that’s not really well known, you shouldn’t even hire him,” said Mark Yurgel from Hanover Township.

Newswatch 16 got in touch with the people at the Building Industry Association of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

The BIA recommend that when signing with a contractor first check with the better business bureau and the AG’s office to make sure there are no complaints filed against the contractor and that the business is properly registered.

The BIA also said to request a certificate of insurance from the contractor and never pay them money upfront.

“The people shouldn’t put up money until a job’s complete. If somebody did my job, I’d pay him when it’s complete, not a penny before,” said Stan Baranski, Hanover Township.

Altogether, the eight contractors owe more than $130,000, but most of them are already paying that money back to the state and the victims.


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