Go Joe XVII: Day 3

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It is day three of Go Joe XVII, "Big City Blitz." Joe began the day in Chambersburg and made it to Elizabethtown. Despite grueling temperatures, Joe pedaled through the heat.

Day three of Go Joe XVII began in a corn field in Chambersburg.

"A lot of farm lands here in Chambersburg. I'm headed east, east, my friend towards Harrisburg." said Joe Snedeker.

Joe cleaned the chain on his bike and headed north on Route 11. For most of the ride the roads were flat. He passed plenty of farms. By midday Joe made his way into Harrisburg where he was greeted with cheers.

"It makes me feel loved and we all need to be loved." said Snedeker.

Folks from Pittston gave Joe a donation for St Joseph's Center. Joe danced at the
steps of the capitol to celebrate.

"I'm going to keep moving on. Granite, suits, politicians are not my style." said Snedeker.

Joe rode towards Elizabethtown. He was more interested in finding a cool drink.

"Turkey Hill, Lancaster County [is] coming up. I'm a Turkey Hill iced tea guy. I'll be pumping those like manna from heaven." said Snedeker.

By the time he rode into Elizabethtown, the temperature had reached 94 degrees. His first stop in town was to the convenient store for an iced tea.

“Would you like to wipe the sweat off my brow? I'm a sweaty mess, ready to end this day. I'll do it myself" said Snedeker.

On day four, Joe will ride from Elizabethtown to Philadelphia. Friday he plans to bike from Philadelphia to Scranton for the St. Joseph's Festival at Marywood University.

If you would like to make a donation, visit St. Joseph’s Center’s Go Joe XVII online donation page.