FedEx Truck Spills Packages on Interstate

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ROARING BROOK TOWNSHIP -- A FedEx truck caused a mess on the interstate in Lackawanna County Wednesday morning.

Police said the back end of the trailer opened up along Interstate 380 around 11 a.m. spilling packages and contents all over the area where Interstates 380 and 84 split.

State police helped the FedEx driver collect the contents that spilled from the truck.


  • Me

    Was driver cited for not sealing or locking his doors ??

    Someone could’ve been killed. But I guess they just helped him clean up and sent him on his way. Typical

  • MooHamHead

    “Police said the back end of the trailer opened up…” You mean the door? Yeah, I’m pretty sure they call that thing a door. I’ve had that happen to me before. Luckily,the trailer was empty at the time. This one was probably the driver’s fault, but sometimes if you hit the potholes just right, it can cause the latch to come undone. That’s pretty rare though. More than likely, this guy pulled the trailer right out of the door, and never bothered to do his required pre-trip inspection. Dummy.

    • Jason William

      You’ve had this happen before too?? And you call him a “dummy”?? Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. In 20+ years of driving and over 3 MILLION, SAFE miles, I’ve havent had this happen to me. Why?? Because I’m a professional that properly secures my trailer doors with padlocks and/or seals regardless of whether my trailer is loaded or empty.

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