Deadly Crash on Busy Road near Danville

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VALLEY TOWNSHIP -- State police said it was around 2 p.m. Wednesday when a woman's vehicle collided with a logging truck.

According to investigators, a woman was driving from Route 642 near Danville, when she tried to turn onto Route 54.

Witnesses said she pulled into the path of a logging truck.

Gina Romano lives across the road from the crash scene and knows someone who saw it happen.

"It just looked like she kept going, I don't know if she didn't see the truck or not, but the truck swerved to try to miss her," she said.

The coroner confirmed the driver of the car, Mary Gray, 84, of Danville was killed.

The driver of the logging truck was not hurt.

For hours, investigators recreated and examined the scene and one westbound lane of Route 54 near Danville was closed, causing serious delays.

"We were going to come this way when we were going to come back home but we couldn't because it was backed up all the way to Weis," said Emily Foster of Danville.

State police said in addition to backed up traffic, investigators had to deal with intense heat and humidity, giving them all the more reason to wrap up the investigation as quickly as possible.

"There are certain things that have to be done in a crash like this and we're following procedures under the direction of our department," said Trooper Mark Reasner of State Police.

Romano called the latest wreck a tragedy, but she said she is not surprised.

"There are crashes here all the time. People just fly by and sometimes it looks like people are just on their phone or not paying attention, but it's a nasty intersection."


  • Garben

    Totally agree with the elderly being issued licenses every year not four years things change in your body and mind much quicker as you age. I feel sorrow for the loss of the mother grandmother friend etc but feel deeper for the truck driver as this will weigh on his mind and his families till death god bless all you truck drivers and thank you for a service we couldn’t possibly go without

  • erica lamoreaux

    I work at a hospital and the majority of car accidents that come in are elderly people. They absolutely 100% should not be behind the wheel at a certain age. It should become mandatory that at a certain age, they must retake a drivers course. They are a huge road hazard. It’s sad but it keeps happening.

    • Real thinking

      a driving test would be a start, but a yearly physical when you turn 65 would be the key. Mental and physical tests. All you really have to do is watch somone for a couple of minutes and you can tell if that persons mind and body is in a different universe floating in the clouds just waiting for their life to be over. there are plenty of buses and transportation services for old people to get to bingo and the store to buy cat food.

  • domari nolo

    Maybe if everyone treated each other like human beings instead of savages. Hey but let’s raise speed limits so people have less time to react. S<M<A<R<T< hey let's have 18g speed and see how psycho society becomes…RIP to her

  • Snshn

    Although I feel bad for the womans family and also for the truck driver, I personally agree with Scran Tony. These elderly people don’t belong behind the wheel!
    My whole life has been altered by an 84 year old woman who’d come across four lanes to hit me in the fifth!
    It’s crazy that these elderly are driving.
    Only my personal opinion, but they need to have to go through the process of taking their drivers testing again after a certain age.

  • Scran Tony

    It is funny working for old people. They can’t see, they can’t hear, but they can drive.

  • Real thinking

    why was an 80 year old driving? at least she wont be endangering anyone else on the roads now, sad but true

  • MWM

    Too many tragedies and accidents! My sympathies for this woman’s family and peace for the truck driver.

  • JP

    My sympathy to the family that lost a loved one and to the driver. Although it was an accident, it will likely weigh heavy on his mind. And I speak from experience, as my dad went through the exact same thing years ago when he drove truck.

    • YesSir

      Yep. I went through it too. It weighs on your mind forever, even when you know it wasn’t your fault and there was nothing you could have done. Being with someone who takes their last breath, in that situation, never goes away.

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