Recalled Fruit In Our Area

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- Millions of peaches, nectarines and plums are being pulled from the shelves in stores in our area like Sam's Club, Giant, and Wegmans.

The Wawona Packing Company of California is recalling the fruit because of possible listeria contamination.

Newswatch 16 called local stores, where employees said the recalled fruit has already been removed from shelves and replaced.

"Those who are most at risk are the very young, the neonate population, less than two months old, the very old, and those that have diseases which place them in an immunocompromised state," said Dr. Alan Miller, Emergency Medicine Director at Regional Hospital of Scranton.

Regional Hospital of Scranton is even throwing out fruit.

Officials there said they are taking precautions to make sure patients and workers are not served the recalled items.

Gerrity's on Meadow Avenue in Scranton did not carry the recalled fruit, but the manager said he knows when there is a recall, customers can panic.

"They do. We'll receive phone calls and people calling and inquiring whether we have the product that's involved in the recall. We follow the internet and our warehouse to see if we have the product involved in the recall," said Jack Archer.

Shoppers said when they hear there is a potential problem with food, they definitely get concerned.

"I have a granddaughter who eats tons of fruit. That's a scary thing, you know? Because a child's immune system is not as developed and that's an issue," said Patty Stankevitch of Tafton.

"I get nervous because you never know exactly where the food is coming from and it's just a little scary not knowing. I like to buy locally just because of that," said Hannah Hunter of Moscow.

Medical experts said most people with listeria will have mild symptoms, or perhaps none at all, but those people who are most high risk should get medical attention if they are having problems.

"Things like fever, muscle aches, profound diarrhea and weakness," said Dr. Miller.

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