Prison Term For Child Sexual Assault

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SCRANTON -- A man in Lackawanna County is headed to prison for sexually assaulting a child.

A judge sentenced Kenneth Maconeghy of Moscow on Monday to 10 and a half to 30 years in state prison. He was labeled a sexually violent predator. He will also need to register under Megan's Law for life.

He was convicted in January of assaulting an 11-year-old girl for several months.


  • Disgusted

    How sick! And to think this same man would go around the town knocking on doors asking people to come to church and inviting kids to the Bible school…. Regardless of what anyone says there was obviously enough evidence to convict and I’m sure he’ll be begging God for help and forgiveness!!!

  • tmm

    u guys do realize kids now a days lie about anything…. u need to listen to both side before judging…all im saying…how would u like it if it was u guys that was supposedly innocent and some kid was pissed off n say stuff like that.. ive seen it personally happen to someone that didn’t deserve they need to investigate thoroughly before just jumping into the first thing a kid says…but now a days there are too many ignorances

  • Leroy Buckshank

    He deserves to go to jail.. and his family thought he would be not guilty for raping an 11 year old girl? 10-30 years in state prison will be a long time to think about what he did..

  • greg

    and another scumbag we will feed now while he works out at the jym and plays basketball….justice??? for who???

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