Police: Woman Spent $500 with Stolen Card

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MOSCOW — Police are looking for the woman who they said used a stolen bank card to buy nearly $500 worth of prepaid phone and gift cards from a store in Lackawanna County.

It happened Tuesday at the Dollar General on South Main Street in Moscow.

Police in Jessup were contacted by a man after his bank notified him of the activity on his card. The victim told police he was still in possession of his card and that it had not been stolen.

According to police, an employee at Dollar General said the woman used an actual card to make the purchases.

Officers said the woman also tried to purchase more gift cards and phone cards worth nearly $500 at ShopRite of Daleville, but the card was declined at that store.

If you recognize the woman in the surveillance picture, you are asked to call Jessup police at 570-342-9111.



  • sherri k

    It doesn’t give an approximate age, you would think that the cashier might have been able to give a little more detail than the foggy cam gives.

  • ImSerious

    The survalliance photos are always so blury you can not make out the person! How is anyone suppose to notice this person! That is why more and more people get away with this kind of stuff!

  • mdog

    Their just happy they didn’t have to handle money that smells like dead fish and have hands break out in rash..true story.

  • bobc74

    And no one at the Dollar General store thought this was unusual or strange while the transaction was happening? Wow! Talk about a company not training their employees on fraud prevention!

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