Police Investigating Baby Left Alone in Car

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UPDATE -- State police said on Wednesday the child was left in the car for about 10 minutes.

According to troopers, a woman who claimed to have seen the child in the car called police.

KELLY TOWNSHIP -- We have recently seen stories making national news of how children left in hot cars resulted in death. State police in our area are trying to figure out if there was any wrongdoing after reports Monday of a 10-month-old child left in a car in a Walmart parking lot near Lewisburg.

State police are not releasing much information after a 10-month-old baby was left alone inside a car at Walmart near Lewisburg.

Authorities said the infant was not hurt.

The incident left some parents in Central Pennsylvania wondering how someone could leave a child alone inside a hot car.

"Cold or hot, no matter which way it is, that's irresponsible," Edgar Perez said.

"They go off into the store real quick, but that real quick is a lifetime to them with the heat," Chester Forrest said.

"Even just leaving a child for a minute or two to run in and get milk is not safe," Jessica Holmes said.

Jessica Holmes is a pediatric trauma case manager at Janet Weis Children's Hospital near Danville.

"Children, actually their bodies can heat up three to five times more quickly than an adult's, so it really would be a matter of seconds that it can be a dangerous temperature for a child in a car," Holmes said.

We were in the same parking lot to demonstrate what it feels like to be locked inside a hot car on a hot day.

Our car temperature said 81 degrees outside. Our indoor thermometer said 78 degrees inside this car.

The temperature inside our Newswatch 16 car rose quickly.

"A child would probably fare not too well, especially because they do not have the coping mechanisms that an adult would," Holmes said.

Twenty minutes later, it was 100 degrees inside our car.

And Holmes says you should never leave your child alone in a car, even on a cooler day, because it is always hotter inside a car.

As for the 10-month-old baby left inside the car at Walmart near Lewisburg, so far no charges have been filed. Again, state police are looking for anyone who was at Walmart near Lewisburg Monday around 2:45 p.m.


  • DJ Kosinski

    Also, there are too many videos and public announcements out there for people not to know. If you don’t want to drag your child with you wherever you go, either don’t have one or get a sitter. It’s called parenthood, deal with it.

  • DJ Kosinski

    Nobody gets in and out of WalMart, ever! Irresponsible. Mom needs to be held accountable for her actions.

  • Donna

    Doesn’t matter if it was for a minute!!! Charges need to be brought against the mom, it’s disgusting that State Police are even considering wrong doing!!! Wake the hell up and do your job there was….

  • Jen Z

    Charges need to be laid. This is happening far too often. It’s just terrible innocent children are suffering.

  • jamie

    must have been someone that knows the” ritght ppl” (someoone of importance in the community). must be a reason no names being released, or charges!

  • Mm

    Let’s not forget the other factors aside from heat here. Kidnappers people, or let’s say mom runs into the store, leaves child/baby in the car, in her hurry, she falls and gets hurt. Who else knows that child is in the vehicle?! People don’t think. Come on! These people do not need children! Unreal!!

    • drmom5

      Kidnappers? Get a clue! Strangers don’t kidnap children. Non-custodial parents do. Your point is valid about what if the mother got injured inside but such a 1 in a million chance, it’s not realistic. More likely, the mother, carrying the infant, would get hit by a car in the parking lot.

  • Marian Zelinsky

    Why are the “State police in our area are trying to figure out if there was any wrongdoing” ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!??? Even my 4yr old grandson can figure out there was wrongdoing! It’s a 10 month old baby left alone in a hot car! That baby should have been taken right to the hospital to be checked out, then to social services. Then to top it off, no charges have been filed yet? I’m hot in my house with the air on. Imagine what that poor baby felt! DISGUSTING!!!

  • Fratboy

    Did this really happen? Who was the adult that left this child? Where are they from? Who rescued the infant? Were paramedics called? Any arrests? Is this one of the WNEP fabricated stories that are becoming more common?

  • Mel Long

    no charges have been filed. are you serious? this is wrong in every way possible. it should not matter how hot or how long. SOMEONE LEFT A CHILD IN A CAR ALONE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mark

    Wow, how could people care so little about children. Also besides the fact its so hot , why would you leave a child that young alone? This world is filled with crazy people who would kidnap that baby in seconds.

  • Cathy

    How is the only issue if it is too hot or too cold? It’s a 10 month old baby! He/she should NEVER be left alone!

    • Warløck

      You said it yourself; brain-damaged. These people shouldn’t have entered the gene pool in the first place. This is nature’s way of correcting that error.

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