One Statue Stolen, Another Damaged in Hazleton

HAZLETON -- One Blessed Mother statue was stolen and another damaged on the same street in Hazleton.

A homeowner on Carson Street said someone tried moving a statue of Mary off her porch and damaged it in the process.

Police said a two-foot-tall Blessed Mother statue was stolen from a yard on the same block Monday night.

Hazleton Police said for homeowners to stay alert and call them if they see anything suspicious.


  • tom

    If thisstatue had something to do with Jewish or Moslem religion-it would all over the news.Good Morning America-CNN-FOX-all the experts would have comments.Because it’s Christian-it’s mere vandalism.

  • Shahid the true believer

    If this had been a statue of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, there’d be BIG trouble. Allah Akbar!

    • MooHamHead

      Nobody steals a statue of MooHamHead and gets away with it. I was telling this to my 9 year old niece, just this morning. In fact, nobody should even have a statue of MooHamHead. They are forbidden, according to the man who runs Allah’s Snackbar. If disobeyed, he will issue a fattwaht to crush the infidel.

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