Man Pleaded Guilty as Accomplice for Deadly Shooting in Monroe County

STROUDSBURG -- A man pleaded guilty to third degree murder as an accomplice for his involvement in a drive by shooting in Monroe County.

Police believe Brandon Wilson was the one who pulled the trigger killing Darcey Kravchenko at his home near Stroudsburg back in January.

According to police, four others connected with a local street gang were with Wilson when the shooting took place.

Officers in the Poconos believe Kravchenko was not the intended target in the shooting in Monroe County.


  • greg

    another scumbag we have to feed and keep aive…hope they kill him in jail…i mean his penthouse.

    • jo

      This thugs are out there AND armed illegally. Get your LTCF and carry! Concealed with a LTCF permit or open carry in lawful im out wonderful state of Pa.!

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