Conahan: “This case is now closed…”

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WILKES-BARRE -- One of the two Luzerne County judges involved in the Kids for Cash scandal tells Newswatch 16 he has ended his efforts to get his prison sentence reduced.

Former Luzerne County President Judge Michael Conahan was sentenced to 17 and a half years in prison in 2011.

Conahan pleaded guilty to charges he and former co-defendant Mark Ciavarella received kickbacks from the construction of a juvenile prison in Pittston Township.

The former judge wanted his sentence cut in half.

Federal Judge Edwin Kosik rejected that request in April.

Conahan wrote Newswatch 16 saying, "no appeal was filed or will be filed. This case is now closed and I will serve my sentence."

If he serves the full term, Michael Conahan won't be released until he is 76.


  • deborahrmorgan

    Its far from over……those guys did irreversible damage to a large group of children. ….for nothing more but to line their pockets.,….in essence. ….its was like a mini mind holocaust. …..they should never getting out of prison…..nevermind 17 years……those guys are what encourages our youth to disrepect aurhority…….which is not a good thing. It puts us all in danger because it created bitter humans. Thats my buck fifty.

  • Scran Tony

    These kids didn’t end up in front of the judge for no reason. You call for everyone’s head at the slightest infraction. Tough on crime or not. Think about it.

  • Anthony Gabriel

    The prison sentence here on earth will end after 17 years when Conahan is 76. It’s the sentence to hell following Judgement Day before God that will last forever.

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