Troopers: Speed, Alcohol Played Role in Deadly Crash

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WILMOT TOWNSHIP -- A 16 year old is dead and police are investigating whether alcohol was to blame for the crash that killed him.

The tire marks from Sunday's deadly crash near Wyalusing led to one stone wall then another. Both are still in pieces after the force of that wreck.

State police said a 17 year old was behind the wheel. Two other teens were in the pickup when it hit the stone walls along Morris Road at a high rate of speed. Investigators believe the driver had been drinking. He and a female passenger survived.

Dawson Mosier, 16, of Sugar Run died at the scene. He was going into ninth grade at Wyalusing Area Junior/Senior High School this fall.

"I guess it's just one of those things in life," said Leann Kipp, who was in the same class as Mosier. She said word spread quickly Sunday on Facebook that he didn't survive the crash.

"To me it hit me pretty hard, he wasn`t really a close friend but he was in my homeroom that year, he made everyone laugh," Kipp said.

"I tell my kids all the time, 'Don`t drink and drive, and never get into a car with anybody who`s been drinking.' I don`t care if it`s one drink or a sip of a drink. You just never know," said parent Felecia Kipp.

Counselors were at the school to talk with students or teachers who needed it. Assistant Principal Larry Roberts said Mosier was a pleasant kid to be around, but fears the possible use of alcohol combined with speeding has ended a life too young.

"There`s always a bit of a feeling that perhaps without the involvement of alcohol there wouldn`t be a story here," Roberts said.

According to his obituary, Mosier dreamed of one day joining the U.S. Navy. He leaves behind his mother, sister, brother, other family, and friends.

Police have not said whether the driver, whose name has not been released, will be charged in the deadly crash.


  • debbie

    The driving age should definitely NOT be 21.. I’m 18 and need to have a car to get to work, sorry. My brother went to school with this kid and yes it is very sad to hear about this but nothing will change how kids are, people have to realize they were young and dumb to, kids will make mistakes and sometimes that’s death. Hopefully one of these days people will learn from this kind of stuff. Until then cherish every moment you have and try to think before you act, not just kids..

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    Now, why would 4 people put a thumbs-down on April’s post? By any chance are these the 4 rock throwers

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