Troopers: Armed Robbery at Verizon Wireless in Luzerne County

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HAZLE TOWNSHIP -- Two men showed a gun and then robbed a cell phone store in Luzerne County.

Surveillance photos were sent in to Newswatch 16 from the Verizon Wireless store near Hazleton.

State police said two men walked into the store on Airport Road just before 1:00p.m. on Sunday, showed a gun, then took phones and tablets from the store.

According to troopers, both robbers covered their faces with masks during the robbery in Hazle Township.

State police said no one was hurt in the robbery in Luzerne County.

Anyone with information can call the State Police at Hazleton.


  • Me

    They need to activate the phones in order for them to work. Stupid. Once they get turned on, there is GPS in there to determine right where they are. Should take anywhere from 48hrs-96 hrs for these “criminals” to get caught. Next time sign the 2 yr agreement like everyone else. No need to brandish a gun for a .99 cent phone that’s been refurbished. Lol. These hood rats aren’t all that smart

  • greg

    time for all banks and businesses to have their employees trained to use a firearm…time to take back our towns and cities people. shoot to kill is the only thing that will put fear into these scumbags.

    • deborahrmorgan

      Economists and even the head of the federal reserve,….Paulson ……havr been talkinh about how iincome inequality is a threat our countrys stability ……people are not rrobbing. ……for fun….they are definitely not smoking marijuana. …..nope……..they got nothing to lose. Now thats dangerous. Over the 4th of July weekend in Chicago 53 were shot , last weekend it was 17…….this is the state of the union.

      • deborahrmorgan

        Just as an aside …my nephew doesnt leave the house w o his 9mm..,,,,ever……and he sleeps w it…….and i never leave the house w o my mace…..and i sleep w mine. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

  • deborahrmorgan

    Everyday……..EVERYDAY, ……there is some type of robbery being committed…..these people are not afraid to go to jail……….cell phones…….tablets…….they are not afraid of the police……hence the police woman who got her teeth knocked outin harlem the other trying to arrest people for smoking pot in public……no video… suspects……..,complete and utter disrespect for the rules.

  • Bill

    Wow, i guess some scumbag needed throw away phones for his drug dealing business or something huh? They’ll get caught, Losers!

  • Mac Daddy

    State Police do have a solid lead. The Verizon staff made them sign a 2 yr. contract on the stolen phones.

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