Restaurants Suddenly Shut Down

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At least four Arby's restaurants in our area closed down without warning Friday night.

The fast food chain's locations in Scranton, Kingston, the Lycoming Mall and the Wyoming Valley Mall were all shut down without an explanation.

The owner of the franchise did file for bankruptcy previously.

According to court papers, the franchise owner, Dijan Inc., had until Friday to either find financing or stop operating.


  • tom

    I really believe fast food places will become a thing of the usually gets ill after eating at them.It doesn’t matter which one-Burg. king-MacDo.-KFC-any one of them.It’s chills-sweats cramps-and toilet afterwards.Watching the workers in these places I don’t believe they really care about what they do.

  • deborahrmorgan

    That would work in a perfect world of full employment butthat not gonna happen unless we reduce the weekly work hours to about 32 hours which im all for. You see mb technology has altered the landscape. ….but the rules are the same……..the only people benefitingfrom ttechnology are thebusiness owners and theyre not sharing the profits. Cabish

  • mdog

    No one mentioned the price of beef has more than tripled lately?
    The government killed profits for the farmer to force fra ck ing
    as an income saver.

  • Arbys White Haven


  • Ed Hlland Jr.

    I like Arby’s food and use their gift cards often. In fact, a gift card was purchased yesterday. If they were closing, they should not have sold the gift card.

      • bobc74

        Maybe the employees didn’t know, but the owners sure did and could have pulled the gift cards from the shelf. If I were the person who just purchased the now useless gift card (unless you drive out of the area), I would have already starting emailing and calling the Arby’s corporate offices demanding a refund!

    • rescuebabe

      People seem to missing a major point here. Please read the article. These were a franchise. One person/family owned them and could not pay the bills. Other Arby’s that are owned by other people will still be open (so use your gift cards there).

      It’s sad to have to close down a business you have worked so hard for, for so many years. I don’t know the circumstances around the closings, and many of you do not either. I hope the family and workers will be able to find other jobs to sustain.

  • WHERE'S THE BEEF ????????

    C’MON MAN ! ARBY’S ROAST BEEF IS DELICIOUS ! Now when I am bored to literal tears as my Wife shops at Lycoming Mall, I cannot sneak off and eat my Reg. Roast Beef and Curly fries !! ; (

    Man this sucks !!!

  • Megan

    Alot of people commenting on this are being harsh. Number one they never went corporate. Number two the owner and family are very wonderful people. So some of these people need to quiet themselves because they have no idea what really happened. My heart goes out to the the family. And employees of the Scranton, Pine Grove, Lycoming Mall, Kingston, Frackville and Virginia stores.

      • Megan

        Someone I knew worked there 10+ as a district manager were friend with the owner and still is. What matters is that these people are out of a job because of something no one has a clue happened.. and you saying screw the jobs.. how would you feel if you lost your job today.. do you even work? Shut your mouth and stop the negativity. Karma will come back and bite you in the end…

      • deborahrmorgan

        Listen……if you dont mind working for nothing thats your biz. As for me …….those are half jobs cause you need another one to get by. Wheres the loss…..those employees need a vacation……now they can collect unemployment and enjoy the rest of their summer. Pffffff

      • Jasper

        There is no evidence people are forcibly employed at Arby’s. Most of these aforementioned ‘slaves’ are young people gaining experience. When enough experience is earned the ‘slave’ will progress into management or voluntarily leave to gain more fruitful employment.

        It’s unfortunate people are not taught personal finance and economics in schools. Most only see the victims of the closure and fail to see what risks, work and money were taken by franchisees to open a franchise. Business owners and franchisees are never guaranteed a profit. Perhaps there was mismanagement, but not one poster here has provided any evidence that there was.

        I know your comment is employed more for shock value than actual substance, but if you truly care about those subject to slavery, check out Operation Underground Railroad.

      • deborahrmorgan

        Your wrong… post was not for shock value…..its the truth…..those jobs used to be for young people…..but times have changed…..get with it…..screw the undergroud railroad that was 150 years ago. Im talking about right now…,the past and not the future …..,but right NOW.

      • Jasper

        It’s true? How do you expect anyone to take you seriously? You insult those on the bottom rung at the same time equating slaves to those who have a choice to leave a job, educate themselves, and gain experience. Your ill-informed thoughts are despicable at worst; very simple at best.

        Operation Underground Railroad is three words, not two; was founded in 2014; and is made up of ex-special forces ops freeing kidnapped children from sex slave masters… real slaves… right now.

      • deborahrmorgan

        I am not talking down to these ex employees……im saying they are being exploited. ….a person cant work at arbys and expect to have money to pay for their education..,,,,the math does pan out. As for the sex trade i dont follow…….its of absolutely no interest to me……you on the other hand seem too,…….maybe you should get a job in that field.

      • deborahrmorgan

        Actually the only news of interest to me i oregan is the pot legalizationefforts…..they have no choice because their vconstituents are all spending their money in Washington. ……now if you wanna discuss that……im up to date. Lol

      • MB

        Did you ever start and run a business?
        Do you in your mind actually think people start businesses just to give somebody a job?
        What do you feel is the correct wage to be paid to a fast food restaurant worker?
        Are you one of those who feel as those who are picketing fast food restaurants for $15.00 an hour?
        If $15.00 is the “fair wage” then will you support a big increase in what the fast food restaurant charges for their product in order to keep it profitable?
        The only business I know that doesn’t care what it charges is government. And they don’t care because they aren’t using their money, they use ours.

      • deborahrmorgan

        Listen pal……..if a job cant pay a living wage then its not a job……its a burden on society……we as taxpayers pick up the slack. Yeah im a 15 dollar an hour proponent. …..and i don’t eat at those places. I pay my cleaning lady more than arbys pays /paid their workers. Pfff

      • MB

        If a job does not pay a living wage then don’t take the job,simple solution. Then the businesses who pay lower wages will have one of two outcomes.
        1. No workers will mean no business. They close or never even go into business to begin with.
        2.Business will pay the “living wage” and will adjust their prices to the consumer to accommodate the overhead increase.
        As no person is really forced to take a job, there is no rule/law/right that every person be provided a job. And I don’t think you are advocating forced labor by the government.
        “…its a burden on society…”, well yes you are correct. But your implied solution that all businesses be required eliminate that burden is unrealistic. Unless you think the government should supply the jobs. If that happens you lose all control of your life. You will work at what they tell you to work at, eat what they tell you, live(if you could call it that) where they tell you,etc.Common Core (from what I read)wants to test children and eventually use that testing to determine how the child’s future education will be directed. So he/she will have no dreams of becoming .
        OK now my opinion of a solution. Get the government to release its stranglehold on business. Government should be limited to keeping employees safe, all products and services safe and keep unfair business practices under control. Everything outside this box can be controlled by consumers very easily. Bad product or service,don’t buy it. No sales mean no business. If you have a good product at a good price a business will thrive. They will have reason to expand and hire more people, with better benefits and pay a higher wage. If such a business were not to treat their employee’s better, then the employee’s will hold the tool that could change their attitude, just don’t work for the bad company. Again no employee’s no business.

      • Viv

        You do realize those jobs aren’t meant to be careers right? They’re starter jobs meant for you to work through high school or colleg. Its neither high skilled or important so why the heck would I want to pay someone $15? You’ve obviously never owned a business nor do you know the first thing about economics. Please educate yourself, especially if you’re a voter.

    • Jessica

      Thank you for the support we all need it. It was very hard to leave your shift yesterday and find out by the general manager your loosing your job. For other people ,I was a shift manager at the one in Kingston. I’m 21 on my own and I made a living from working there. It’s only been a day but I miss it and I’ll miss everyone who worked with me. Also no one knew we didn’t get a call until 1pm yesterday. Thank you for all the support everyone will need it.

    • CN

      You are right the owner and his family are nice people (as far as the one investor goes I can’t say the same) but unfortunately nice guys finish last and he should have done this years ago. Even one of the family members called it the sinking ship.

  • Christina

    I was working at the Arby’s in the Lycoming mall yesterday, got sent home at 2 (our gm just acted like it was because we were slow). Got a call from one of our assistant managers at around 3:30 that it was all over. Quite the shock.

  • Melissa

    I was a shift manager for Arby’s in scranton, pittston, and great bend , pa. I ended up always working 17 hrs a day between all 3 stores. I at one point sliced the tip of my finger off in the morning prep. They still have not paid my medical bill till this day for that incident. So apparently they just don’t pay bills at all.

  • A sad day for humanity

    I feel as if this marks the beginning of never being able to enjoy a beef n cheddar again…. so sad

  • moondog

    Nobody can beat what Elby’s did to their employees. The waitress that went to open one day, she was with the company for over 30 years got a phone call 5 minutes before unlocking the doors that said we are no longer in business lock the doors and go home.

  • Candi

    I am not surprised , I was there on Thursday at the Wyoming Valley Mall location and the service was terrible.

  • Danny

    I worked at the wyoming valley mall location as a shift manager, and they gave us no warning that they were going to close our store. You think they would have the respect to tell us ahead of time. I just hope me and my fellow arbys employees can bounce back and get jobs quick.

  • Tammy

    I worked for dijan in another one of their stores years ago. They shut us down without any warning also. Seems like the cowards way out.

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