Candidates Interview for Open City Council Spot

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SCRANTON -- Candidates for the open city council position came to City Hall Saturday for interviews with the council.

A total of 13 city residents who wanted the job turned in resumes and were put in the hot seat for 15 minutes each.

Each hoped to be chosen by council to replace former Councilman Jack Loscombe who resigned this month.

"We want to see if they are people that we feel can work with council, towards the solution of some of the problems that the city has," said Council President Bob McGoff.

"I have a good vast experience in labor, which is a major problem with the city: the labor issues. I think I can help council discuss concerns with the labor unions," said candidate Robert Webber.

Council could make the decision about who will be the newest member as soon as this week.


  • SteveL

    Hopefully they appoint someone with some good ideas and not another union mouthpiece who only grandstands for the benefit of the union hacks while beating on the taxpayers.

  • Charlie Lucky

    It will be interesting to see whose, mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, cousin, niece, nephew, whose relative gets the job!!!!!!

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