Arrest in Wal-Mart Thefts

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PITTSTON TOWNSHIP -- Authorities in Luzerne County arrested a man accused of stealing more than $2,000 worth of merchandise from a Wal-Mart.

Thirty-year-old Randy Greenfield of Scranton was picked up Friday on theft and drug charges.

Authorities said he loaded up a shopping cart with electronics at the Wal-Mart in Pittston Township and left the store without paying for the items earlier in the week.

Officers also discovered a small amount of marijuana on Greenfield during his arrest, and that he was wanted on other warrants.

Greenfield is locked up in Lackawanna County Prison on those charges.


  • Travis

    Only the loss prevention are allowed to stop shoplifters the people you see wearing a Wal-Mart uniforms are not allowed to stop shoplifters it’s against company policy and most stores will also sit and wait for you to come and steal a felony amounts worth of stuff even if it happens in multiple trips that way it’s worth them taking you to court

  • deborahrmorgan

    Walmart got rid of the greeters cause profits are down because uncle same cut the foodstamp program…..and now they are required by law to provide their employees w health insurance. Yep yep.

  • MWM

    The greeters aren’t there to play security guards duh! Many of them are senior citizens soooo….., yah. As for eyes and ears, that’s what security cameras and employees of Walmart are for! One has to be cray to try and rob from there anyway, they will catch you on camera..

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