Two Men Face Manslaughter Charges for Wayne County Death

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DYBERRY TOWNSHIP -- Two men from Wayne County are charged in connection with the death of Ryan Clemo, 31, back in March.

Adam Dixon from the Waymart area faces involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment charges.

Jonathan Yacinovich, 18, of Waymart also faces the same charges.

Dixon and Yacinovich arrived separately to the magistrate's office on Friday to hear the charges against them. Newswatch 16 caught up with Dixon as he was leaving, but he didn't have much to say about that involuntary manslaughter charge.

According to court papers Clemo was at his girlfriend's house on Rose Hill Road in Dyberry Township the night before he died.

Clemo's girlfriend told police the victim was there drinking with Dixon and Yacinovich when he got upset.

Court papers state that Dixon told police he put Clemo in a "choke hold. "

Yacinovich admitted he tied an extension cord around Clemo's legs. He later died at a hospital.

Norma Pitchard lives next door to where the incident happened.

She's the grandmother of Clemo's girlfriend and said, even months later, the wounds from what happened to the couple are still fresh.

"As far as I know they're good people. They live good lives. They're good to me and I just feel sad that this happened," said Pitchard.

Clemo leaves behind two children.

Both Dixon and Yacinovich are free on bail tonight.

They're scheduled to be in court on July 30th.


  • jfjahdhsj

    They didn’t mean to kill him? Since when is restraining somebody done by putting your hands around their throat? They didn’t lead productive lives before this and they both deserve everything they have coming for them.

  • Rose

    The parents were home and they allowed Underage drinking??? Why aren’t they being charged? The Justice sysrem needs help, if your caught selling illegal drugs you go away for years yet these two men murdered someone and they are facing only 5 years!!!!

  • Braf

    If only you knew the actual situation. Ryan’s family in thoughts and prayers, however, they didnt mean to maim or injure, none the less terminate a life. Their best friend dying is enough pain for them, 5 years is a lot.

  • Batman

    They should be put away for life. They murdered a man who had 2 children! Those kids lost their father because of these psychos.

    • Kellee

      Please look at their facebook pages…. Do you really see two young men looking to be rehabilitated? I sure don’t….

  • Kellee

    Alcohol isn’t an excuse to beat someone up and murder them! I don’t care how amazing they are, they clearly aren’t that amazing…they took someone’s life!!!!!!! And yes our justice system is a joke…they should be getting charged with more than 5 years! Prayers to Ryan’s family and children.

  • Chelsea Nickcole

    Yeah well Yacinovich & Dixon are amazing people who had no intention in hurting Clemo. The girlfriend should be charged with DISTRIBUTION TO MINORS. !!!!! Our justice system is fu*ked!.

  • mrs23mk

    Our justice system, no words smh is all….
    Ryan’s family, children, & Stacy are in my thoughts and prayers always!! Gone but Never Forgotten! Rest in Love my dear friend, Ryan

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