Harry’s Grill to Close in Shamokin

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SHAMOKIN -- The oldest restaurant in Shamokin is closing next month after more than 70 years in business. Harry's Grill is known for serving fine food at coal region prices.

It is the lunchtime rush at Harry's Grill in Shamokin. Customers ordered their favorite items off the menu.

"Oh I like the cheese steak, everything is good. The fried cauliflower," Judy Drumheller said.

It is one of the last times Judy Drumheller can order that cheese steak. Harry's Grill is closing next month after 73 years in business. Owners Barb and Tom Kearns said Tom needs knee replacements and the more he is on his feet, the worse his injury gets.

"My doctor told me two years ago that I would know when it's time and it's got to that point where it's time," Kearns said.

The Kearns family took over the business in 1991 after the original owner, Barb's father Harry passed away. Tom said they pride themselves on serving fine food at coal region prices.

"We've become just like a nice, comfortable shoe and people know that Harry's is there on Market Street when they want a nice, comfortable meal without the glitz and glamour and TVs blaring and everything else going on," Kearns said.

Many customers said since they found out Harry's will be closing, they've been coming in to eat twice a day. Those customers tell Newswatch 16 they're very disappointed to see their favorite restaurant close.

"Words can't describe it. Really a lot," John Bush said.

John Bush of Mt. Carmel has been coming to Harry's Grill since 1944.

"My friends and I would come down here and we'd just get the pizza pie and a couple of beers and socialize," Bush said.

It's not just customers who will miss Harry's.

"We have a great clientele it's like family. That's going to be the hardest thing about leaving this place. I mean, we've grown up here," employee Suzanne Wolfgang said.

Employees and customers hope someone buys the restaurant but as of now nothing is in the works. Harry's Grill is set to close August 16th.