Exeter Officer Fired By Council

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EXETER -- A police officer in Luzerne County who had been on administrative leave has been fired.

Members of Exeter Borough council tell us they voted Thursday night to terminate Officer Leonard Galli.

According to court records, Galli was placed on administrative leave in February for allegedly watching pornography and soliciting sexual relationships using his work computer while on duty.

Galli is currently suing the borough, claiming officials backed out of a disciplinary agreement with him.


  • It's The Law

    You may think you delete your browsing history, but it is ALWAYS there on the computer. NOTHING is permanently deleted! Guaranteed!

  • mdog

    Did Not 2 guys hang themselves while in his custody?
    This guy totally freaks me out.
    Things need to be looked at by the feds i think.

  • Johnny

    First a cop 1 town down gets convicted for having sex with minors, now this. Yet another reason why Luzerne county should be under investigation from the top down. These people get hired because they know someone, not because they have the skills to do the job. People wonder why NEPA is so depressed!

    • Joe Schmoe

      I wonder how many guys never thought about it and are doing this right now?
      P.S. The commands are in the right hand corner in the thing that looks like a gear.

  • MWM

    Dude, you’re gross, and why does a grown-up need a disciplinary agreement? Why can’t grown ups behave as such?

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