Congressman Tom Marino’s Staffer Arrested

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A member of U.S. Congressman Tom Marino's staff was arrested Friday morning and charged with allegedly bringing a gun into a Capitol building in Washington D.C.

Marino represents the 10th District in Pennsylvania, covering 15 counties, including Lycoming County.

Ryan Shucard was escorted by U.S. Capitol Police after his arrest in Washington D.C.

Police said Shucard, a member of Congressman Tom Marino’s staff, was caught carrying a 9 mm handgun and ammunition into the Cannon House building during the required security search.

We caught up with the Republican Congressman at the Lycoming County Fair in Hughesville, which falls in Marino’s 10th District.

Marino declined to comment, saying he was spending time with his family at the fair and this was not the place to discuss Shucard’s arrest.

Marino said to call his office Monday to schedule an interview.

Marino’s Chief of Staff Bill Tighe told Newswatch 16 Shucard is licensed to carry a firearm in Virginia where he lives but not in D.C.

On Shucard’s arrest, Tighe said: “We are disappointed that Ryan showed a lack of judgment and responsibility as a firearms owner."

At the fair, people agreed.

“Take care of your firearm in a very safe manner, you never keep the ammunition where the firearm is at and you keep the firearm locked up,” said Chalmer Van Horn, a member Consolidated Sportsmen of Muncy Creek.

“You have to be very careful what you have permit-wise, paperwork wise,” said Beth Finn from South Williamsport.

Marino’s chief of staff said the Congressman was in the Williamsport area at the time of Shucard’s arrest.

Shucard is now on unpaid leave of absence and faces a felony charge of carrying a pistol without a license.

“Yeah he should have been arrested because you bring a gun to Capitol Hill you’re going to be arrested,” said Howard Grossnickle from Williamsport.

Others here think he made an honest mistake.

“I’m guessing that it was just an error where he didn’t think, he forgot that he had that gun and it was found on a metal detector to me that isn’t a big deal,” said Bob Crockett from Williamsport.

According to Ryan Shucard's Facebook page, he is originally from Colorado and apparently has no ties to Pennsylvania.


  • BZ622

    Since he was aware of what would happen in this situation, wouldn’t a responsible employee double check that he wasn’t violating this law in particular? Where had he been and what was the necessity of packing from one day to another? Marino couldn’t be bothered for a comment! His official response hadn’t been written for him yet!

  • dr jones.

    I’m pro-gun – either you have a right to be armed for self defense, or you do not have a right to be armed…he lacked the right paperwork for that place…go on. instead of arresting the guy when no real crime was committed, they should have handed him his gun back and told him go lock that up in his car, they don’t want it in their building- Actions are key in this situation. – did this guy intend to commit a crime? of no party is harmed and no party is injured -there is no crime.. a crime constitutes harming another person physically or monetarily.

      • dr jones.

        I’m not a pretend any thing but a person- on a public forum I choose Dr Jones as in Indiana Jones, because I think it’s funny (I certainly don’t care if you don’t like it) – if you have an affliction with hoplophobia that’s your problem. I believe that if a person chooses to be gay (MWM -like men with men), smoke pot and protect himself with a gun that’s his/her business. there is something called personal liberty and personal responsibility in this country at least today- for now- you know those trendy authoritarians keep wanting to tell everyone what is best for everyone else- . you can go to therapy but I doubt they will be able to fix your smugness. good day cir.

  • FreonPSandoz

    “…he forgot that he had that gun and it was found on a metal detector to me that isn’t a big deal” Why on earth would anyone be permitted to carry a gun if they’re so scatterbrained that they can’t even remember whether or not they’re armed?!

    • TLD

      Sorry but no. We’ve all done something similar. If you wear a gun every single day everywhere you go for a few decades, it kind of becomes an appendage. The TSA Molestation club just made a statement recently that they were confiscating more weapons than usual lately, the bulk of confiscated gun owners declaring “I forgot about it”.

      HTF someone can fly anywhere without dreading the security line and the White Shirted Rape Monkeys I’ll never understand. Absent minded kicked up another notch.

      I’m not a big fan of guns, but there is nothing untoward or disturbing here really.

      Save your indignation for the fall out. This WILL be propaganda for the NRA and the gun humping club. The guy will walk with little to no real consequences, the gun control crowd will then start raging aaaaaaaand not one darn thing will change.

      • Warlock

        If you need to wear a gun every single day, everywhere you go, it’s probably 1860 and you’re in Laredo, TX.

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