Congressman Marino Staffer Arrested For Gun Violation

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A member of RepresentativeTom Marino’s staff has been arrested in Washington for carrying a handgun without a license.

The U.S. Capitol Police arrested Ryan Shucard Friday morning.

They say he was carrying a 9mm handgun into the Cannon House office building.

Congressman Marino’s chief of staff said Shucard is licensed to carry the firearm in Virginia but not in Washington D.C.

He said Shucard is now on unpaid leave.


  • dr jones.

    why aren’t concealed carry permission slips accepted just like drivers licenses? it’s funny how only the second amendment isn’t transferable across state lines. what would happen if you get told you have no right to free speech or religion crossing the boarder in to another state… failing to fight for rights, or exercise those rights, means losing them, one by one. oh and for you anti-gun people, once those guns are all gone your right to security, freedom of speech and liberty will be next…doesn’t matter if you disagree, history shows how it is going to happen again.

    • Joe Schmoe

      A buddy of mine just went on a trip a few states away. He ha reciprocity with the state he was going to. Some of the states he passed through were ok with his transfer. Other states said they suggest that he didn’t even stop while passin through the state. WTF? Law abiding citizen, upright. He was so discouraged, he just left his arm at home. He said he felt like a criminal talkibg to these other states. You’re absolutely correct that conceal carry should be recognized in every state. The real kicker here is that we don’t need to worry about the people who call ahead and check the laws. We new to worry about the people with trunks full of fully automatics. Oh wait, they’re illegal so no one has those right??? Vote for 2nd ammendment favorable politicians!!

      • E

        So if I buy pot in CO, it’s ok if I bring that to PA? And if an illegal gets a driver’s license in CA, you’re fine that he drive on your streets?

      • dr jones.

        @E I have no issue if you buy pot in CO and use your gun to keep from being robbed (best not to use while armed-but whatever), all while being gay. freedom is yours to do with what you will! the restraints in the constitution aren’t telling the people we can do something, it’s biding the government telling it what it’s NOT allowed to do. like denying people’s rights or infringing on rights.
        if an illegal gets a drivers license in CA -the state of PA respects that license. just saying that your other rights don’t end at the border, and you either have a right to self defense or you do not – it’s that black and white. states like NY, NJ, SC, CA deny people’s rights to be legally armed. look at the mother who is facing 5 years for bringing her legally owned gun in to NJ and being pulled over so failure to signal. NJ has denied her a civil right.

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