Back-To-School Sales Already?

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WILKES-BARRE — It may be mid-July but some stores have already started their back-to-school sales.

During the dog days of summer, most people are shopping for party supplies like Haidyn Weber and her family from Hunlock Creek.

“She graduated high school so she has to have a grad party.”

The party is for her older sister but Haidyn was surprised to see back-to-school sales popping up in mid-July inside stores.

“We’re not just selling back-to-school shoes, we’re selling straight up confidence.”

And on TV commercials already appearing on WNEP.

Many of the high schoolers we caught up with shopping in Wilkes-Barre Township, including Chloe Faldowski, say it’s too early to think about the end of summer.

“I think they should wait, honestly. Most of the kids don’t want to go back to school,” Faldowski said.

Some parents say they, too, were surprised to see the back-to-school sales but they don’t mind if it means they can save a few bucks.

“I love to shop. That’s my middle name so I love to shop, yeah,” said Debby Faldowski.

“School will be back in session and then they’ll be doing the Christmas shopping!”

The National Retail Federation says $74.9 billion is expected to be spent this summer on high school and college students returning to class. That group also says earlier back-to-school sales may catch on with nearly 29 percent of people expected to start back-to-school shopping this year, two months before the first day of school.

It looks like parents will be dropping some serious cash to prepare for this school year. A survey by the National Retail Federation found the average family will spend about $670 on things such as supplies, clothing, and electronics.



  • Shopping Gram's Advice

    I guess it depends on your personal situation? I think it is too early according to the calendar, however according to the schools schedules it isn’t ? …when I was in school ( late 50s to 1969 ) there were back to school sales starting in August as we didn’t go back to classes until after Labor Day ! Now times have changed for many, even since I school shopped for my own children as they didn’t start back until after Labor Day too …so I didn’t star shopping until mid August then also… … My Granddaughter’s first day back ( HS ) is August 20th ! Seems we all rush around from one thing to another trying to fit everything in anymore and get stressed in the process ! With the stores starting all these sales earlier and earlier ( all due to meeting their financial quotas) if we wait too long then people can’t find what they need or desire ? ( just like Christmas ) I guess all we can do is live according to our own needs, don’t criticize others if they want to shop early, late or last minute… live simply and hope for the best…substitute items if needed with whatever else we find. Good luck and Happy Summer because it will be school bells ringing before we know it !

  • m96y

    The only reason I don’t think it’s too early is because college students are going back in about a month if not sooner depending on the school and early classes. So while some of the stuff is obviously aimed towards younger kids things like notebooks, writing utensils, binders, etc. are necessary for college students.

  • Lori

    I’m finding it difficult to get my summer supplies for my pool and various other things thanks to this nonsense. I’m getting irritated by the ever growing early season shopping. Is it that difficult for people to get their supplies for school 2 or 3 weeks ahead of time instead of 2 months earlier? You buy them and then they sit in a corner collecting dust. Honestly, its a headache.

  • Jason

    Folks….the sales are at the same time as last year. So will be the Christmas sales. Then there will be a story about that in October. Either chose to shop now or one week before. It’s up to you…not the retailer. Besides…most retailers need to be consistent across the country. Not everyone starts their school year at the same time.

  • Student

    Well I love school shopping it’s awesome and I already bought almost everything Aeropostale had sales on clothing and kmart already has stuff on sale why not get it out of the way now instead of waiting summer is something you need to enjoy but I don’t really like it winter is more of my thing

  • deborahrmorgan

    The answer is yes its too soon…….people …….you need to enjoy NOW……stop living in the future……..take your children on a field trip…… the movies …… the park…..just enjoy them and life…..forget about the sales unless you need something for NOW.

  • Crystal Leary

    I love the early sales!! I have 5 children and saving a few bucks won’t hurt!! The sooner the sales start better for me and many other large families!

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