75th Annual Scranton Co-Op Farmers Market

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SCRANTON -- Folks in Lackawanna County had to wait a bit longer for the start of the 75th Annual Co-Op Farmers Market in Scranton and shoppers showed how eager they were when the stands finally opened Friday morning.

The farmers market in the Providence section of Scranton is held Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting at noon, but some of the vendors told us that people were lined up this morning at 10 a.m. to shop for fresh produce.

Shoppers told us that even though the market opened up a week late this year, it was well worth the wait.

The lingering winter pushed back the start of the 75th Scranton Co-Op Farmers Market but the produce and the people made up for lost time.

"Every year we come to the farmers market as soon as they open and probably every week thereafter," said Terri Skaladay of Pocono Summit.

Shelves at the farm stands were stocked with everything you'd expect at this point in the growing season: cucumbers, zucchinis, peppers, and sweet corn.

"My arms are running out so I guess we can't get anymore," said Gary and Sue Klein of Gouldsboro. "We're headed to the car."

The Kleins and many other shoppers were on their way home only 15 minutes after the market officially opened.

The farmers market has been pretty consistent over its 75 years with its Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule but the noon start time seems to be just a suggestion, since the lines get long, and the parking lot is full by11:30.

"As soon as they come in, which is early in the morning, there are people here shopping. I usually come about an hour before 12. The official start time is 12, but there will be people here at 10 or 11 here shopping," said Timothy Magnavita of South Abington Township.

But the farmers say they still have plenty to go around.

"It will actually get earlier, they'll be here at 10:30. And it will be busy right up to 3 or 4. Now, with the novena this week it might slow us down in the afternoon but we don't know that yet," said Mark Phillips of Phillips Farm in Newton Township.

Farmers said the weather made up for lost time, too. The recent heat and humidity have been good for certain crops.

"All the peppers are really good this year because they love this hot, warm weather, and they're doing really well," said Ruth Hopkins of Hopkins Farms in Falls.

The farmers market officially closes at 7 p.m. but farmers say they really stay open as long as there are people here to shop. It will continue every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until Thanksgiving.