Truck Driver Helps Save Another Driver’s Life

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LENOX TOWNSHIP -- A water truck driver walked away from a crash with another tanker on Route 407 in Lenox Township on Thursday.

That crash in Susquehanna County might have saved both driver's lives.

"I told her to hit me. I thought I could get her stopped, well. That didn't work," said Joe Delancy.

Delancy and a female driver were each carrying water from a gas site in their trucks.

State police said the brakes in the truck the woman was driving stopped working.

That's when Delancy drove in front of her and let her hit him, so she could slow down.

"She kept picking up speed and she hooked me right here and over we went," said Delancy.

"That's pretty brave. He wasted his own truck to save her because she wouldn't have made it, nope," said Terry Stone from Smitty's Construction.

Stone was doing construction on a home near the crash site.

When he heard tires screeching, he ran down to help and pulled the female driver out of the truck.

State police said the 58-year-old woman was taken the hospital with minor injuries.

"Oh, it was a mess. She was in down in the bottom of the truck by the door and I had to get her out of there," said Stone.

The women's truck came to its final stop in brush, which is about 25 feet away from the nearest home.

"It was just too close. Just too close.," said Diane Kwiatkowski.

The red truck rolled onto Kwiatkowski's property. When she heard the crash, she called 911.

"I was in my kitchen and I heard the loud screeching of brakes, which is not normal for this area. I looked up and the next thing I knew, there this truck was outside my mailbox," said Kwiatkowski.

State police said if it wasn't for Delancy's quick thinking, the crash could have been tragic.

Delancy said he's going to take a few weeks off from driving trucks until he figures out what to do next.


  • brian thorek

    It was fresh water dep was on site and the water company had what fuel that spilled cleaned joey is a hero if he didnt let her hit the truck would of went over a bridge the man loves that truck and didn’t. Even think about that at that point .It just shows you what kind of people work in the gas industry.Joey enjoy your time off you earned it

  • Krisy

    I have worked with Joey for the past year of being apart of the water hauling. All I have to say is what a true hero he is. For someone to risk their own life for someone else’s is just an amazing gesture you do not see out here anymore. It could have been anyone of us and Joey would have done the same thing for them. Everyone always bashes the water truck drivers but we are all people that are doing our jobs because we enjoy what we do and what a lot of people don’t remember is to have respect for not only us as truck drivers but respect of the vehicles. I admire Joey for what he did and in my book he did the right thing! You are a true hero Joey thank you!

  • Duane Mead

    It is news and not all good news. There may be issues involved like speed or mechanical failure. What people need to look at is the positive way the story was presented. Another driver sacrificed his own safety to save a life. Two people not even involved stepped up and took the inactive to help another and prevent a bad situation from getting worse. Thank you to the people recognizing this. Thank you to the ones who stepped up. And thank you for promoting hope if nothing more in a confusing world

  • Jeremy James

    These speeding gas trucks all have gps trackers installed in them. The speeds they run are saved and if they speed they don’t have a job anymore. So to say they are speeding makes me laugh. They are some of the slowest drivers on the road.

  • Name123

    Okay people just because it was a water truck coming from a gas site doesn’t mean it was something bad! I’m sick of people saying crap about the gas people and companies! Where I work we prob wouldn’t be open if wernt for has companies and I know there’s more out there like that. Another thing is the companies have brought a lot of jobs to people in the area, would you rather have them sitting at home collecting unemployment!

  • Snshn

    Those gas company water trucks are Always speeding every single day past where I live.
    The one day one of them had almost hit me as I was getting my mail out of my mailbox. Didn’t even slow down to see if I’d been hit or what.
    They think they’re the kings of the road. Half of those drivers shouldn’t be behind the wheel of Any vehicle. Just my personal opinion.

    • bill

      The trucks have gps to prevent speeding unlike the cars that pass the trucks on smal roads and curves

    • Arvin

      I’m willing to bet the driver checked his mirror after passing you by, saw that you weren’t laying face down in the dirt, and kept driving. Get a mailbox that you can check without having to stand in the middle of the road and make a big production out of retrieving your SureSave flyer.

  • BA Weaver

    Glad they are both all right! Just curious…who comes to investigate this…is it a DEP issue to sign off on?

      • Jonathan White

        Dot does ALOT of inspections on gas well trucks. They actually target gas company trucks. Just south of new milford on route 11 dot is always there in the parking lot doing inspections. Maybe 1 out of 10 inspections are not gas well vehicles. If you are a gas well vehicle you can almost guarantee you will get pulled in for an inspection and most likely come out with a fine for something stupid like a License plate light out. Just so they can get some money off the company

      • Arvin

        Very interesting observation Mr. Peterson. Yes, the term ‘water truck’ could easily be mistaken for ‘waste water truck’ or ‘toxic waste water truck’ or ‘fracking waste water truck’. I think you are on to something….another huge cover up. I’d like to say more, but I have a tin foil hat to adjust before my head hits my rainbows and unicorns pillow.

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