Talkback: Taxes and Shootings

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Viewers wanted to talk about a proposed commuter tax in Scranton, and the future of the Mall at Steamtown.  Plus, other people had some views they wanted to express about the recent violence in Wilkes-Barre


  • Sue

    I work in Scranton but do not live in the area. I live in Luzerne County. And I would like to say to all you commuters out there ….STOP SHOPPING AND SPENDING YOUR HARD EARNED CASH IN THE CITY OF SCRANTON. If we have to pay for the pensions of the city employees then let them spend their money in their home town…If they even live in the city. And as for the women who commented that we should give up our jobs in Scranton and go work in our own cities and give the Scranton people our jobs. I think you are the most discriminating person I have run it to lately. We not only pay our city taxes , property taxes and school taxes and now were are going to have to pay for the mistakes of your government body. Why don’t you give .75 percent of your pay to the city for their pensions. Or do you not work? Maybe the working people and the government officials of Scranton should start to pay commuting taxes to the surrounding areas every time they leave Scranton. I think it would be a great idea. And maybe Luzerne County wont have to raise our taxes or reassess our properties again. I think the mayor of Scranton should consider the fact that we just got hit with tax increases in Luzerne County and maybe instead of making it harder on us, consider getting the working class of Scranton to start stepping up and helping to pay for your retirement. WHY DONT YOU RAISE THE TAXES IN SCRANTON AND LEAVE THE SURRONDING AREA ALONE. STOP BEING A COWARD AND STEP UP AND ACTUALLY START ACTING LIKE A MAYOR. WHAT ARE YOU AFAID OF NOT GETTING RE-ELECTED AGAIN. I THINK THE PEOPLE OF SCRANTON BETTER OPEN THEIR EYES AND VOTE FOR SOMEONE WITH A BACK BONE COME NEXT MAYORATORIAL ELECTION.

  • Me

    You people want to see violence , go to hazleton. The ghetto of Pa. Shots start ringing out at 6am sharp. No rooster,…gun shots wake you
    Then by 10 am someone has either been kidnapped, robbed or shot. By 2pm a bank has been robbed. Then the drug dealers come out from 2-11pm. Then after 11 all the drug deals gone bad are “revenged” by having more shots ring out til about 2am. Then the drunks from the local bars come out TRYING to drive home. And the one that has to walk gets assaulted on a street corner at 3 am.

    This is daily. There are no cops around here to protect anyone. We have cops but they are keystone cops. They do not know how to handle the big city crime coming here. Even the police force is afraid. Can someone help the ghetto and call in the national guard ???

    Our politicians and leaders have absolutely no clue !

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