Festival Celebrates Danville’s History

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DANVILLE -- It's all about celebrating heritage this weekend in Danville. The 15th annual Iron Heritage Festival kicks off Thursday and folks are getting ready for all the festivities.

Mike McCloskey of Bloomsburg stopped by the Iron Heritage Festival committee's headquarters on Mill Street in Danville to pick up tickets for some of this weekend's events.

"Everything sounds interesting and we're interested in the train rides that they're making available, that and the civil war stuff," McCloskey said.

The 15th annual Iron Heritage Festival celebrates Danville's history.

"Entertainment is part of it, too, but it's really about education and keeping the story of our heritage alive," said volunteer Van Wagner.

Volunteers prepared for the weekend's events by organizing merchandise and selling tickets.

Something that's brand new this year is a replica of an ice house. They were used in the 1700s, 1800s and early 1900s.

"Companies would cut the ice all winter long and store it, sometimes underground in ice houses. Sometimes they would build barns that were just really well insulated and they would cover it in sawdust as we're going to be doing," Wagner said.

Wagner has volunteered with the Iron Heritage Festival since its first year. He said between three and four tons of ice will go inside this ice house.

"We'll have some tools here that people can see that would have been used."

Pictures show ice cutting in the 1800s in Danville.

Tours will be given all weekend by Hunter Lingle of Lewisburg who helped create the ice house for his graduation project.

"A lot of it came from talking to my grandparents because they remember when ice was delivered to their house because they grew up on the farm," Lingle said.

The Iron Heritage Festival will be held all weekend with a parade on Friday, train and trolley rides all weekend, and much more.