Drivers Should Expect More Road Construction in Lycoming County

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LYCOMING COUNTY -- Some of the attention in Lycoming County is on all the road work that's ahead. Officials have announced plans to complete 46 new road projects in the next four years in the county. Newswatch16 stopped by one trouble spot where road work is already underway.

Thanks in part to that transportation bill passed last year in Harrisburg, there is money to pay for dozens of new road projects and several other projects already underway across the state including Lycoming County.

Hawbaker's Construction and a PennDOT crew are working to widen this portion of Route 15 in Armstrong Township near South Williamsport, all to make it safer.

"The fatal head-on collisions we've seen along this highway over the years should stop with the barrier being put in." said Mark Murawski, the Lycoming County Transportation Planner.

Lycoming County Transportation planner, Murawski said this is the largest construction project in the county.

"This project is a 15 million dollar investment," said Murawski.

Money from a transportation bill that hiked the price of gas, along with license and other fees is helping complete this project and start some new ones.

This week, PennDOT and Lycoming County officials announced plans to complete 46 new federal and state funded road projects.

"One of 81 projects about to happen for highways and bridges all across Lycoming County," said Murawski.

On top of making this portion of Route 15 safer for drivers, some of that money will go towards helping make roads smoother.

"They are terrible. Terrible. Potholes everywhere," said Randy Moon, the owner of Moon's Repair.

Randy Moon is the owner of Moon's Auto Repair on West 4th Street in Williamsport. He said the big bumps in the road right in front of his shop do a lot of damage to cars.

"I have cars in and out of here every other day with ball joints, tire rod ends, bad tires, just from hitting all these holes,"  said Moon.

"It's tearing people's cars a part. It's ridiculous." said Ronald Morgrhe.

Lycoming County officials say a portion of Fourth Street in the Newberry section of Williamsport will be paved within the next two years.

"I think it would be great. For my business, probably not, but for people in the area, yea. I think it would be great. It needs to be done," said Moon.
This money is set aside to fix roads and bridges within the next four years.

Lycoming County officials emphasizes that fixing roads will take priority over building any new ones.

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