Does It Really Work? Juggle Bubbles

This is the Juggle Bubble! The maker claims, it make bubbles that bounce, float and fly while your child plays with them.  Your child can hold the bubble in their hand wearing the magic juggle bubble glove.  It will give your child hours and hours of fun!

The kit includes, bubble tray, bubble blower, bubble solution and one pair of magic gloves.  The magic gloves are the key to playing with bubbles.  If the bubbles touch your skin, they pop.  To test out juggle bubble, Newswatch 16 went to Nay Aug Park in Scranton.  We had lots of volunteers who wanted to try and catch bubbles.

We start by reading the instructions and following them to the t.  Without shaking, we pour the bubble solution in the bubble tray and start making bubbles.

There were  about 50 kids who wanted to try and catch bubbles but only 2 pairs of gloves.  So this took a little while *but* it was so much fun, we lost track of time!

After spending over an hour catching bubbles with the kids and adults! It was time to go.  But before we left we asked adults and children what they thought?

The juggle bubble gets two big thumbs up! We loved it!

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