Jason Dominick Profiting From Frank Bonacci Murder?

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SCRANTON -- Jason Dominick, who was convicted of the murder of Frank Bonacci in May, is back in the news once again.

More court action has been taken against Dominick and another man over the online sale of T-shirts.

A posting on Facebook has now triggered court action against Jason Dominick and his friend, Mike Castellano.

Jason Dominick's father posted that shirts printed by Castellano were on sale to raise money for Jason, who is locked up for the murder of his friend, Frank Bonacci.

Now an injunction has been filed against Jason and Castellano at the Lackawanna County Courthouse to block Jason Dominick from receiving any profits from the sale of those shirts.

Attorney John Hart said Pennsylvania law bars people from making money off crimes they have committed.

“It`s not a crime to sell those t-shirts. The crime has to do with transferring the funds to Mr. Dominick, so his buddy who`s selling the t shirts can`t do that,” said Hart. “Also Mr. Dominick cannot receive those funds.”

Jason Dominick and Neil Pal were found guilty on murder charges for the shooting death of Frank Bonacci, who was killed a year ago.

On May 21 Jason's father, Joseph Dominick, wrote this in his post: “…The fight continues to prove Jason is innocent. Mike Castellano informed me the shirts will be in on Friday. They are selling like hot cakes!!!...”

However when Newswatch 16 spoke with Joseph, he said Mike Castellano came up with the t-shirt as a way to raise money for the family and that money was not necessarily for Jason.

Joseph Dominick said the family has not collected a dime from the sales.

Castellano told Newswatch 16 he was just trying to help the family, but it was misinterpreted on Facebook the money would go directly to Jason.

Castellano said he is no longer going to sell the shirts and wants nothing to do with this effort anymore.

Castellano said he did not make any money from the shirts because he put up his own money to print them, but would not say how many were sold.

The Bonacci family and friends declined comment on advice of the attorneys in this case.

Jason’s father said their hearts and prayers go out to Bonacci’s family and they are sorry that Neil Pal killed their son.


  • Buddy

    A Father knows his Son best…that’s why Jason Dominick’s father is still fighting for his sons innocence…while Neil Pal’s father hasn’t done much in this regard.

    Pretty sure Neil’s Dad could buy a “confession” too, especially from some scum pedophile.

  • Deborah

    Jason Dominick LIED and covered up period, no matter who pulled the trigger, he let people search for this kid for weeks and the murder weapon is still missing. He participated in murder folks….WAKE up to who ever would think this kid is innocent in any way is completely delusional.

  • Bubba

    Jason Dominick is innocent. It’s pretty obvious that Neil Pal has killed before & blamed his friend. Why would you want to kill somebody when you can just beat them up & have them live with that embarrassment? I think his father is a great father, if my child was wrongly convicted by a biased jury, I wouldn’t give up either.

  • tom

    Why does this family need money.Every time something happens-there is this thing about raising “money” for the family.I’ve had some hard times and would never want a campaign to raise money forr me.Guess these kind of people aren’t embarressed by anything.

  • uncle stosh

    Leave the Dominicks alone and go after the pedophile priest who have your kid first communion in may. This message is from Jim Slack.

  • Shameau

    These people know how to work the system & spend all their time thinking of new ways to collect from others. Anyone buying this t-shirt musn’t have a ounce of brains as well.

  • MWM

    Maybe we can make up shirts to wear! Their shirts say thus; “overstepping their bounds punishing the innocent,” maybe ours can say something like this; “overstepping their bounds, the guilty are profiting from their crime!” Some people convince themselves they’re above the law; however, one day they will find out otherwise, if not here, then in the hereafter!

    • BA

      To me the shirts seem entirely incriminating…. such as… Dominick was the one who overstepped his bounds and punished the innocent Bonacci! Just a thought… you get what you dish out. 👍

  • Ash

    Joe Dominick said right on his Facebook page the money was going to Jason for commissary . The father does not seem like a very smart man.. Oh well. The apple doesn’t fall fault from the tree.

    • MWM

      Lol, didn’t see your post until right after I responded to you..left mine hanging went off to do something! Friends and family of an inmate have every right to do what they wish to help that person, but the T-shirts still suggest his innocence when a jury of his peers found him guilty of third degree murder and he is no angel anyway as he committed this murder while on probation for a home invasion. His a violent and nasty individual with a family who either condones this behavior, ignores it, or perpetuates it. This is why the world in going to hell faster than a speeding bullet.

  • ImSerious

    Wow this guy really has alot of guts to see those Shirts. Regardless of whether or not Jason pulled the trigger or not, he was still partly if not whole responsible for Frankie’s death. How dare this father say that he is innocent. I completely disagree with the fact that this man is selling or was selling these shirts. In the mean time, shame on your News16 for putting this individual’s name in the headlines, when all he wants is his fifteen minutes of fame anyways!

    • MWM

      I get your point, but I am glad WNEP had the guts to report this when they found out about this circus of dysfunction. Some people have no conscience, clearly!

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