Forest City Hits 150 Year Milestone

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FOREST CITY -- This year marks the 150th anniversary for one community in Susquehanna County.

To celebrate, folks in Forest City are doing what they can to try to revive a bit of that hometown pride.

It has taken weeks for volunteers to paint a new mural along Main Street in Forest City. They've spent time after the workday putting names of area businesses on this brick wall, all to get ready for a celebration 150 years in the making.

"This mural is all about celebrating small business in a small town," said Michael O'Neill of House of Flowers.

O'Neill has been in the flower business for 42 of those 150 years and helped get the mural ready in time for the borough's 150th anniversary weekend next month.

Maryann Corey is one of the folks who helped with the mural and would like to bring back a sense of small-town pride in Forest City.

"It's so hard these days with the way the economy is, with a small town, we`re lucky to have all the thriving businesses on Main Street," she said.

Forest City's coal mining past is depicted on this piece of art work on the main drag in town, as part of its 150th anniversary celebration, the first weekend in August, the artist and sculptor will be there to discuss it.

Forest City used to host a week-long celebration every year: Old Home Week. But now, business leaders said interest has fallen off.

Peggy Brager, president of the historical society in Forest City said the upcoming 150th anniversary should be a reminder to everyone about where Forest City has been.

"We're hoping to encourage people to look into their family`s past. Find out was their grandfather a miner where he had to be in there all day long on a beautiful day like this."

The 150th anniversary in Forest City will be held August 2nd.

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  • cast0ff

    As the town slowly dies and opportunities for employment disappear with it and the majority of houses fall apart…. happy 150th?

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