DEP: Stolen Valve Caused Oil Leak into Lackawanna River

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SCRANTON -- The Department of Environmental Protection said Wednesday that an oil tank leaked in Scranton because a brass valve on the tank was stolen.

The tank leaked over 40,000 gallons of fuel oil over the weekend and some of it went into the Lackawanna River.

There is no word on how much of the oil got into the river.

The owners of the oil tank are paying for the cleanup.

Officials said whoever stole the brass valve probably wanted money for scrap.


  • John Lampman

    i seen the river on the 8th and it was all oily didnt hear anything about it until a week later did not happen this past weekend maybe the 4th of july weekend but not last weekened

  • Jim Brony

    Since you know what happened Keith, please enlighten us. While you’re at it, tell us who REALLY killed JFK and if the Apollo moon landings were staged.

  • Keith Hinkel

    This is the biggest pile of dung I have ever read! A main brass valve is unattached and 40,000 gallons of oil lost? Yeah right. Hey DEP I got ocean front property for sale in Columbus, Ohio.

    • deborahrmorgan

      Well… had to be an inside job……..who thinks of stealing valves off anything? Youd have to know it was there. Personally i cant imagine that mr denaples would dispose of 40gallons of crud in the river. He owns landfills…….why not just burying it. No i think it was stolen…..

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