Animal Shelter May Be Forced To Close

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DYBERRY TOWNSHIP -- The only animal shelter in Wayne County might be forced to close later this year if it does not get the help it needs.

Dessin Animal Shelter near Honesdale is in the red.

The executive director said the organization needs $10,000 to pay its operating costs.

It also ran into another big expense with unanticipated upgrades to a thrift shop the shelter bought to generate funds.

"We're certainly going to need some substantial donations. In order for us to even make it to 2015 we're looking at $100,000," said Dara Coslett Granza.

Dessin Animal Shelter depends on grants, fundraisers, and donations, but volunteers said donations have gone down.


  • Ashley Dancho

    Animal shelters cause a lot of their own problems. They make it too easy for irresponsible people to get pets on a whim and dump them when they become too much work. Part of the problem in this country is elevating animals to a higher status than human beings, Animals in need always find help but no one cares about homeless elderly and children, people in desperate need of medical care and medicine , but unable to get it. Starving people. The money they spend on animals and all the expenses of shelters and employees could be spend helping human beings with food, housing, medical expenses and treatment. Make owners responsible for their own dogs. Either they keep them, find a home, or euthanize unwanted or aggressive dogs same as the shelter has too, If the owners have to deal with what happens to the pet when they decide to dump it, maybe they will think twice before adopting a pet on impulse. In the case of true abuse, maybe set up foster homes or euthanize . Let animal lovers volunteer to care for abandoned or seized pets from abuse if they feel strongly about it. Think of what the counties and cities would save. It would really get expenses down in a country where so many people are in need. Peoples needs must be met first before so much is spent on pets. I love and respect animals, but sorry, I just cant see the neglect of human beings for animals.

  • Fratboy

    Wow, a stupid post by a stupid poster was deleted. He wanted to put a bullet in each animals head and we responded to him. That’s why our responses are so volatile.

  • Alana

    I think u deserve a bullet right through your tiny little brain of yours for saying that you scumbag

  • Eileen

    How about the local stores donating their broken bags of dog and cat food? Take a few of the animals to local businesses each weekend to remind the public that there are animals just waiting to be loved. What about a sale every 6 weeks or so where the animals are less expensive (but the background check is just as strict)? Make the thrift store more inviting and appealing to shoppers (wash everything before it gets displayed, run specials, look into the possibility of different employees). Use social media to your advantage by promoting promoting promoting. Participate in fundraisers (I know I’ve offered and never been answered).

  • FrackDaddy

    Thank NJ and NYC for keeping Natural gas out of Wayne county. I am sure threre would be extra money around then.

  • Dyberry Dweller

    You’re a scam bud…people like you DISGUST me and are the reason I like animals better than most people. How would you feel if a bullet was put in an innocent humans head for no reason or how about even yours? Bet you’d be singing a different tune. Your comment was disgusting and so are you.

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