Want To Buy a Bridge?

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SHOHOLA TOWNSHIP -- Want to buy a bridge? PennDOT has put one up for sale in Pike County. All you need is a plan to preserve and maintain it.

The Pond Eddy Bridge that spans the Delaware River in Pike County could be all yours. The historic bridge is for sale and PennDOT is even offering to take it down and deliver it to its new home.

The Pond Eddy Bridge is the only way in for about 20 people who live in this part of Shohola Township. But the residents who travel across the bridge north of Milford every day say it's in pretty sad shape.

"You think oh, boy, is it going to turn upside down and you'll take a dip in the water with the vehicle? Are my electric windows going to work?" said Robert Nusbaum of Shohola Township.

PennDOT is scheduled to build an entirely new bridge across the Delaware next to the Pond Eddy by 2017 and has put this old one up for sale.

"I've never heard of anybody selling a bridge, but you know, they sell stadiums," said Nusbaum.

Bids are now being accepted and the state is hoping someone can take part or all of this two-span, 504-foot bridge, and put it to use in a new location.

It's part of PennDOT's bridge marketing program that helps give new life to older historic bridges.

Christine Gordon has crossed the bridge for more than 50 years and says she doesn't think anyone will make a bid.

"They can't give it away, let's face it, they cannot give it away. Nobody wants it because of the responsibility," said Gordon.

PennDOT officials say if no one ends up buying this bridge, they'll just have a contractor take it down anyway, and this 110-year old piece of history will become scrap.

On the New York side of the bridge, some people remain hopeful the Pond Eddy Bridge won't be reduced to scraps.

"Use it at a park or a trail or something, or like another route on the Delaware, or somewhere were someone can use it. Maintain it and make it nice," said James Fornaro of Pond Eddy, New York.

Anyone who would buy the bridge would have to agree to preserve the historical characteristics of the bridge and not to sell it.

Some think 110 years for this bridge might have been just enough.

"No, it's ugly; it's an eyesore in the valley. You know the whole valley is so pretty and then you have this rusty thing sticking up," said Gordon.

Some recent bridges up for bid have gone for as low as $1 and as high as $500. If the Pond Eddy Bridge doesn't fit your needs, we found about five others throughout northeastern Pennsylvania also up for bid.

You can take a look at the other bridges available - just click here.


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