Summer conditioning important for football players

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Lakeland strength and conditioning coach Meade Beebe takes the Chiefs football team thru their summer workout.

"On the roller look to the freshman field," says Meade.

20 players show up on this day for training.

"Earlier we we're rolling and working on our flexibility and rolling on our muscles so we can perform well today and right now we're working on sprint work," said Garth Estadt.

"A lot of our program is designed around trying to reduce the number of injuries. It's impossible to prevent injuries, but we try to reduce the number of ACL injuries thru single leg training-knee stability work and proper warm-up," again said Meade Beebe.

"We'll that's his main concern is preventing injury. He's getting the kids stronger-faster ready for the season. Having a guy that loves it as much as Meade and has been around as much as Meade is a plus for us obviously," said Jeff Wasilchak.

For all football players two-a-days when they can put on pads and helmets is about 30 days away. Right now most are at team camp or participating in 7 on 7 drills where there working on precision and quickness of the game of football. And for all these players they're no dummies. Right now in the off-season their worried about flexibility, nutrition, and getting plenty of rest.

"We always say we have the rules of three for nutrition. So they should be eating three times a day every three hours three snacks and always getting protein. Carbohydrates are important and vegetables at every meal," added Meade.

"He preaches like get three meals a day. Good meals and stay away from junk food a lot. Are you doing that? Yes I'm doing that," said Cody Rupp.

"If you can get the kids to buy into the nutrition aspect of it the rest of it their the hard things to get them to buy into. To get them here and do the work that's fine because you're supervising them, but the other stuff like the eating right and eating enough that's a little harder. You know the hydration is important and making sure you're drinking the right things and drinking enough and getting enough rest also important. These kids don't realize the rest that they need," added Jeff.