Plaque Added to Mellow Portrait in Capitol, Mentions Corruption

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HARRISBURG -- A plaque underneath the portrait of former State Democratic Leader Bob Mellow in Harrisburg now mentions his corruption conviction.

The plaque was put up Tuesday morning and says that Mellow of Lackawanna County pleaded guilty to charges of corruption and tax evasion and was sentenced to prison.

Mellow's portrait, along with other past and present lawmakers, hangs in the Capitol.


  • mdog

    Only problem is half the country can’t read english
    and they will think he is a special award winner.
    So ..dont make em shiney and print black letters
    on orange prison garb. Use a hanger to apply to portrait.
    No offence to anyone this goes for any crooked honorable.

  • MC

    Who’s dumb idea was this? Why not just remove the portrait? Any politician who has been convicted of a crime should not be honored by a portrait on a wall.

  • Charlie Lucky

    They should hang his mug shot photo on the wall of Harrisburg. To send a clear message to the rest of the corrupt politicians who take with both hands !!!!! It’s as if they have a permit to steal. Then they get insulted when they are investigated.

  • coffee

    These politicians are really something. What makes them think they deserve or we want to have their pictures hanging in “our” buildings! They were paid handsomely, if not excessively, for their time while they were our employees. I wonder how much these pictures cost us!

    • LC

      What’s in the water in Northeast Pennsylvania that you’re all so adamantly opposed to Obama but also lacking any kind of substance behind it? There’s a lot of really great arguments for why he isn’t a great President but you’re all so ill-informed and ignorant you go with Kenya or something of the like. You embarrass me.

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