In Bradford County: One Week After The Storm

WILMOT TOWNSHIP -- On Sturdevant Road near Wyalusing in Bradford County, storm damage is still everywhere.

It has been a week since powerful winds and torrential rain pummeled the area.

"I can't wait to start cleaning it up actually," laughed Ken Halk who lives on the road.

For Halk, it has been a very difficult week.

His home and property were hit hard by the storm, dozens of large trees snapped and downed.

Lawn ornaments and furniture were tossed and damaged.

While he would like to start picking things up and getting back to normal, he cannot. His insurance adjustor has yet to visit and he has been told not to touch anything.

"I've called him a couple times, he says they're so busy that they can't get an adjustor out here and I'm just waiting," said Halk.

Halk predicts it will take weeks, even months to get everything taken care of once he can begin work.

Up the road, Gary Barnes is living in a bit of a mess, too.

He lost barn doors, a fence, and a three story gazebo he built himself.

"I have about a dozen trees down in my little piece of woods. I haven't even checked behind the pond. My adjustor has been here already. I was lucky to get my roofer in and he actually repaired the roof of my house yesterday, but half the shingles on the back of my barn are gone," said Barnes.


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