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Drug Bust in Wilkes-Barre

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WILKES-BARRE — One person was arrested and drugs were seized in a bust in Wilkes-Barre on Tuesday.

According to officials, police in Luzerne County served search warrants at two homes on Scott Street around noon as part of a coordinated effort between the Pennsylvania State Police and Wilkes-Barre Police Department to fight violent crimes and drug activity in the city.

Police said they found nearly 2,000 packets of heroin worth over $35,000. They also found a gun and $9,000 in cash.

Police arrested Juleisy Abreu, 20, of Wilkes-Barre on drug charges.

Officials also said there were two infants and a teenager in one of the homes at the time of the bust.



  • jr

    this is so sad 20 year old with 2 young children do you care where they go? I know mine would be missing me … I hope you didn’t leave them with any of your druggy friends to rape and hurt them while your gone … I hope you rise up from this mess and get your life turned around

  • Marine

    It warms my heart to see these trash arrested for dealing drugs. Congratulation’s to The Pa State Police and the Wilkes-Barre PD. Great work!!

  • Angelo

    Well CINA Abreu is not just Puerto Rican Bobby Abreu is from Venezuela if you don’t know him he plays for new York METS so just cause its Spanish doesn’t mean its Puerto Rican UNLESS you KNOW this girl personally that may make you her client

  • Joe Schmoe

    It’s the landlords fault. Shut the apartment down. This girl will go to Clearbrook for a month, get drug court, skip out on her prison sentence and be right back at it soon enough.

  • Capt_Bogart

    Interesting … Our Gibson, PA PSP barracks told us that Drug Dealers are not their problem, but your PSP arrests Drug dealers? Our Gibson Barracks must be owned by the Cartel.

  • MWM

    Foolish foolish girl! 20 yrs old and dealing heroin? Two babies in the house? Who is watching those babies now? I hope not people who were “left” in the house claiming oh wow I didn’t know? This is your turn around girl, now or never!

  • Kandy

    Well they do both have crime on Scott Street. But only one of those Scott Streets has someone named Juleisy, sounds like a stripper’s name.

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