Woman in Cuffs after Traffic Stop in Mahanoy City

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MAHANOY CITY -- A traffic stop in Schuylkill County ended with police cuffing a woman for having bath salts.

Officials said officers from Mahanoy City arrested Andrea Startzel, 43, on Sunday.

Authorities said they found 24 grams of bath salts in her vehicle, along with other drugs and needles.

According to police, Startzel faces drug charges in Schuylkill County.


  • Just get off the Crap

    This woman is not ugly, she just needs to change her lifestyle, get off the junk, get some rest and eat better, she will look a MILLION TIMES Better ! I have seen people night and day, the y look older than they are, get off the junk, and look beautiful. Please Lady, help yourself by getting the help you need ! Your face is pretty and will look even prettier when you stop abusing your body

  • Missy

    The blue shirt really brings out the beauty in her sunk-in, hollow pits where I’m guessing, her blue eyes used to be.

  • Me

    The only rehab she is going to get is sobering up in prison for 10 yrs

    She belongs there. Rehab places do not work. Prison does

    • MWM

      I never even heard of the stuff until recently!? Unless it was by another name, goon dust, or otherwise?

  • Marine

    From the look of her face, she is probably into Meth, how insane can these people be. Makes me angry to see this, but it also makes me feel sorry for any person that has chosen this path of life.

  • jason

    Schuylkill county what a lovely place… Every day the news is either a murder, hostage situation, drug bust or row home fire.
    that’s a lot for a county of only like 145 k… no wonder the out migration rate is through the roof.

  • MWM

    43 years old and sing bath salts? Seriously? I think it’s time to reevaluate before you see an early grave, too old to be playing games lady!

  • Snshn

    What is with these people???
    Do they not realize by now how bad that crap is for them?
    How is this stuff still being sold?
    Hopefully by getting arrested she’ll now get the help she obviously needs.
    24 grams! That can’t be personal usage, is it?

    • MWM

      Just like bath-tub speed, meth-labs, etc…they may learned to brew it themselves..the fact that she is distributing them to our kids makes her more than a user-loser, but an uber-loser who needs her a-double kicked.


      Ok, that sounds fair ge the help she needs for the substance abuse, but then in my opinion she probably needs the help of a Plastic Surgeon to erase the extra 30 years on her face from all the abuse !

      • MWM

        LOL! So mean! She is prob a dealer, can’t imagine all that for personal use. A guy was just arrested with close to the same amount too, looking just as haggard, or should I say; absolutely destroyed. If they stop, they can improve, however, the fact that they are distributors and kids get their hands on the stuff does make it hard to be sympathetic. Some of us never used drugs so it might be hard to understand, but I had used drugs and I know there comes a point if you don’t stop, it’s game over. AND, might I add, I never blamed anyone but myself. It’s not society’s fault, my parents fault, God’s fault, the economy’s fault, it was my fault. It was not a disease. It was a stupid young woman doing stupid things. It’s the fault of the person ingesting the stuff.


    From the look of her her face she is using something that isn’t good for the body !

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