Storm Downs Trees, Damages Property in Poconos

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STROUDSBURG -- A late night thunderstorm soaked a lot of the Poconos and caused damage to some homes and businesses.

While the damage wasn't widespread, folks still had a mess to clean up when they got out of bed this morning in Stroudsburg.

Once the sun was out in Stroudsburg people hit hardest by the storm could begin clearing debris and start to see what was hit.

On Bryant Street, a car was no match for the heavy tree that came crashing down from all those heavy winds. The car's owner was thankful it did not end up on her house.

"I came out and thought, 'Oh no!' My neighbor was outside. In the dark it doesn't look so bad," said Sharon Setzer.

Setzer and the rest of her neighbors were not hurt. Her Subaru will need some work but Setzer understands how powerless we all can be when it comes to severe weather.

"It's unfortunate, but nothing you can do about what Mother Nature has in store."

When those storms blew through Monroe County late Sunday, they did quite a bit of damage in south Stroudsburg. A lot of areas didn't see damage at all. Homeowners had to assess all that damage and the cleanup had to begin.

"I didn't think it was that bad until I walked around. I haven`t been on the other side of the neighborhood, just this end," said Dave Kless. "I was surprised at the number of trees down and piles of branches neighbors were making."

The brief but powerful storm ended up closing roads for a short time and knocking out power to some. Usually, it's the Red Cross that helps in those situations, but this time its disaster relief trailer was under a tree, toppled by the winds.

"If the tree had fallen the other direction, we would have lost lots more. But it fell just at the edge of the trailer," said Rose Walsh with American Red Cross of the Poconos. "It's crazy. Just block next to us, our block and one up that way, just crazy."

The Red Cross trailer was just a little banged up. It was not needed today to help storm victims.

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  • MWM

    It was hellacious! We got caught in it coming from a trip back east, we knew it was coming and tried to leave at a time when we figured we might cross it until it passed over us, get off at an exit or rest stop, and wait it out and that’s exactly what happened.

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