More Storm Damage Hits Susquehanna County

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- Hundreds of homes and business in our area still have no electricity after more strong thunderstorms moved through on Sunday.

Hard hit areas include the Poconos and parts of Susquehanna County.

The severe storms hit Jackson Township, east of New Milford on Sunday afternoon. A trampoline was picked up and tossed several yards, landing on top of a shed.

Cathy Chamberlain calls it the worst storm she's seen in her three decades in this part of Susquehanna County.

"It was terrible, the roar, the downpours, and then a fog came in. it Was so scary, scary. I was shaking," Chamberlain said with a laugh.

And there's more: trees broken and her home damaged. Chamberlain says the wind lifted her roof, causing porch posts and railings to collapse.

What we found at the Chamberlains was not the only storm damage we saw in Susquehanna County.

At a farm about a mile away, the fabric roof of the barn at the Longacre's was shredded, fiberglass panels were broken and on the ground and sheet metal was bent.

Helen Longacre returned from a blueberry picking trip just before the storm hit.

"Then I heard that freight train sound and the wind, not like what we're used to hearing and I said to my husband this is different and I'm thinking maybe it's time to go to the basement."

Longacre and her neighbor Chamberlain agree that visibility was so bad, and there was so much rain, it was impossible to tell if they were experiencing a tornado, or just straight-line winds.

"It just came instantly. We saw the clouds coming over and the darkness and it was like a roar. We heard the roar," Chamberlain recalled.

Both Chamberlain and Longacre say the damage can be repaired, and they're thankful no one was hurt on a stormy afternoon they will never forget.


  • Richard Taylor

    the problem is that when heavy rain is coming the satellite dish looses signal, that’s the best weather forecast I get. Whatever WNEP says after that doesn’t matter.

  • Marine

    Our weather is sure becoming very nasty. When the bad weather hits our area, we should be thankful that the WNEP weather team, cuts in during our programming, and keeps us informed of the dangerous, and life threatening weather that is in our area. Some people just don’t understand what this type of weather can actually do…You will never get it, until it hits you, then you will understand why WNEP keeps on top of our severe weather…

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