Another Traffic Stop Turned Drug Arrest in Schuylkill County

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MAHANOY TOWNSHIP — A man is locked up after police found bath salts during a traffic stop in Schuylkill County.

Police said Jeffrey Najunas, 42, of Shenandoah was arrested late Sunday night.

According to officials, they found over 40 grams of bath salts along with other controlled substances, drug paraphernalia, and weapons.

Police said Najunas is locked up at the Schuylkill County prison.


  • mdog

    Illegal Drugs destroy lives.You can’t hide from the truth.
    R.I.P. Danny,Lisa,Bill,ect/ect/ect.ect/ect/ect/ect/ect/ect.

  • Dan

    The problem is the system is too lenient on punishment on drug dealers. Caught red handed with the stuff then give the scum a speedy prosecution say 48hrs then the firing squad. That’ll fix it .

  • Me

    Boy. I thought luzerne county was bad. The whole state is full of drug addicts.

    But yet in Colorado , people are ALLOWED to get high LEGALLY ???????????????????????????

    The Obama administration is destroying this country.
    Vote more losers in and society will keep acting out like animals.

    What is wrong with you people ??? Why would you vote a black man to run this country ???????????
    The voters in this country must be on bath salts as well

    • Tony'sthought

      What?? Colorado only made cannabis legal for recreational use. When we drink beer or wine we are getting “HIGH” legally. That is much more dangerous then cannabis yet it is legal. Obama didn’t do that. Drinking moonshine is Illegal. Tobacco and alcohol are both legal substances that people get high with everyday yet they both have a astonishing death rate per year just from consumption. Post one link of someone passing away from too much cannabis. You cannot because it NEVER has happened. We get it that you are racist, but at least have legitimate argument as to why Obama has effected this article or white people doing bath salts.

      • MWM

        Obama definitely has nothing to do with substance abuse. People have been doing it for hundreds if not thousands of years. Yes I think marijuana should be legalized because liquor is so the fact that marijuana isn’t makes no sense. Same goes for cigarettes, not to mention that they love to give out pysch drugs to 3 yr olds as well as half the population like it’s M&M’s to make the whole world right NOT! Can’t compare bath salts to pot at all. It’s like comparing Dom Perignon to Bad Moonshine, however, I don’t think people should DUI of marijuana anymore than they should DUI alcohol.

    • Ted

      How do they think people are getting to the store to buy the pot? Are they all walking? I’ll venture to guess that 90% are driving to make their purchase. Between the joint in one hand and the cellphone in the other on the drive home the roads in Colorado must be a real nightmare.

      • tonysthought

        Do you even pay attention to what you type? You get pot just like you get your beer with the SAME laws. Drive to the “distributor” or drive to the “bar”. The difference is POT will not kill you if you consume too much. We spend too much tax dollars chasing pot heads when we could use that money to concentrate more on the meth and real criminals. Our jails are full with small amount pot arrests (joint in ashtray). Point is think before you type. Getting your POT is no different then getting a beer, you have to be of age and follow the rules (which includes no driving and drinking(smoking)).

      • MWM

        @tonysthought…agree…what a waste of prison space. I’d much rather see the pedophiles that NEPA has been choking on lately in their stead.

  • MWM

    Another 40-something loser corrupting our communities! I say throw away the key with offenders who are SO beyond knowing better and all they have to offer is squatting and taking a crap on our communities!

    • MWM

      Lori! LOL! If I had a dollar for every time I said that! I wonder if that woman arrested with the same was his partner!

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