One Dead, Two Injured in Early Morning Fire in Williamsport

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WILLIAMSPORT -- One woman is dead and two are injured after a fire in Williamsport.

Officials said the first alarm came in at home in the 1000 block of Hepburn Street around midnight.

Firefighters said four people were inside at the time and Terra Smith, 37, did not make it out.

A man in the neighborhood helped with the rescue in Lycoming County.

"One lady was hanging out the window so a couple of other guys, we got a ladder. So she jumped out a window and the gentleman, he was coming out the window and we tried helping him with a ladder and dragged him out of the house," said Jameel Mcaffee of Williamsport.

According to authorities, Smith died of smoke inhalation and burns, and said another person inside was badly burned, and flown to a hospital in Allentown.

Investigators are still looking for the cause of Sunday morning's deadly fire in Williamsport.


  • Michelle

    This is my oldest friend and he lost his wife in this fire and you all are bickering about coverage.

  • Kyrsten Maiolo

    My boyfriend and I were at a friend’s house on Huffman Ave. (One street over) We were on the back porch and heard some loud fireworks going off. We saw the smoke and embers coming from the yard, but we weren’t sure if it was just the big TN fireworks from Walâ—‹Mart, or if something serious had happened. There was a lot of smoke and it was black. I thought it was strange for firework smoke. It didn’t die down. After a about 5 minutes we were ready to call the fire dept, then we heard sirens and they all showed up. I feel bad for the woman who lost her life and for those who were seriously injured in the situation. But we did hear backyard fireworks being set off just before we had realized the house was on fire.

    • Warlock

      It was originally called in as a fireworks call. It’s amazing just how many firework calls there are every night, a week after the holiday has passed. To paraphrase the glass house saying, people in wooden houses shouldn’t shoot fireworks on their roofs.

      • Laura

        It wasn’t a fireworks call I called 911 the fireworks started after I called 911 so any fireworks calls they got were after they knew there was a fire there. If there were fireworks calls because if it it was probably from people being woken up by the fireworks.

  • Fratboy

    A time of the fire would be nice. Some details, like heroes names, why this fire was rolling before firemen got there. Thanks for the teaser, WNEP, please don’t wait for the Scum-Gazette to get around to this story and copy and paste it. Get your local reporter outta bed and over to fire HQ. my god, Snedecker does better work.

    • Kyrsten Maiolo

      The fire started around midnight or shortly after. And it wasn’t going that long before the fire trucks and ambulances showed up. They had the surrounding roads blocked off within 10 minutes of arrival. And if you watched the video, there was a neighborhood man who helped them and his name is mentioned. I was halfway down the alley an watched a lot of this happen. We saw them breaking windows to the house to let smoke out. I don’t think the issue should be “who posts the better story about it.” It should be figuring out the actual cause of the fire and making sure that those who were injured are going to be OK. It’s not all about publicity, dude. Someone died. Have some respect.

      • Fratboy

        Thank you Kristen, you do a much better job of reporting than WNEP. BTW, I stated someone like Snednecker would have done a better job of reporting. It is difficult to express remorse for a victim if we are not privy to any details. This story provides heartless statistics, your details personalized the tragedy and made us a part of it.

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