Car Wash Benefits Dog with Cancer

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KINGSTON — People got their cars washed and helped a dog in need at the same time.

A car wash was held by Modified K9 at Firestone in Kingston to help a pit bull terrier mix named Louie who is fighting cancer.

Modified K9 is an organization that supports dogs and their owners.

It cost $5 for the wash. Organizers hoped to raise at least $700.

Louie is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

“My sister’s been through a lot, um, in her personal life, and uh, louie has been a support system for her, to help her get through some challenging times in her life,” said Karen Sims with Modified K9.

Along with the car washes, there were dog basket raffles and plenty of food at the event in Luzerne County.

All of the proceeds went to Louie’s medical treatment.


  • cindi fuss

    I wish this world wasn’t full of such negative people. To you its just a dog but to the owners, it is part of their family. People always have benefits for people suffering with cancer. Cancer kills every day but don’t take away from the fact that their are loving people who own Louie and their friends and family wanted to help.

    • Dog Lover

      Apparently you are not an animal lover or never had a dog. What a shame, you are missing out on so much in life. They give unconditional love, something you don’t know anything about. You should show some compassion, instead of being heartless. Yes, there are millions of people dying of cancer, no one is debating that. Have some understanding even if you don’t have or like animals. This family just lost their best friend. Show some sympathy. So sorry for Louie’s family. God Bless!!!

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